Quality Of Life Improvements

So I’ve downloaded gears and played a bit in the various modes. I have a few early quality of life improvements I would like to mention.

Cards Management // Interface Ergonomics:
-Faster access to cards customization. Less clicks. Easier access. The current access to character customization feels like a maze compared to Gears 4.
-Less clunky cards selection. Once I’ve selected a third card I automatically leave the screen. It’s really annoying when I’m tinkering my build.
-Automatic upgrade. It’s not like I can do anything else than upgrade them so why not do it automatically?
-In-game upgrades visible in the characters ID Card. For now the only way to see the 4 options I will have when spending my energy in horde is to play each character at least once and take notes.

-I’m playing on PC with an AZERTY keyboard. It’s a basic common configuration in the whole world. I would have appreciated an AZERTY preset to avoid having to remap everything by myself.

Voice chat:
-Clearer voice chat management.
-Make it clear who hears me and when.
-Be able to talk to my friends / my inner group / the whole game chat depending on the current needs.
==>I’m not asking insane features. Just the basic flexibility & clarity we have in a game like Overwatch. I can have a private voice chat with my friends and press the push to talk button to talk to everyone in the game when needed.

Clearer feedback:
-A sort of poisoned water seems to appear on a horde map. It’s hard to see, the spawn rules are mysterious and it’s super deadly.
-When you get taken by an opponent, a control prompts on screen, but sometimes I win and sometimes I don’t and it feels completely random. Should I button mash? Press on rythm? Long press? What’s the rule? I would set myself free 100% of the time in gears 4. I don’t really know whether something changed or not, it’s weird.

-The current set of characters, weapons & cards is so rigid, it’s sad. Ideally I want to be able to declare my role (Engineer, Boss Killer, DPS, Support), pick any character, any skin I bought, any set of weapons and any 1 to 5 cards depending on my level. Full flexibility and an ocean of building possibilities. Here there’s nothing to try and discover, the devs have almost fully made all the choices. Because of that, it feels grindy and austere, not motivating and exciting. Of course some busted builds will appear, that’s the whole point of the building motivation. There will be some nerfs, cards release and balancing and it’s going to be fine. Let us try to break the game. That’s what’s fun.

Are there other quality of life improvements you would appreciate?

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Is this on that ice map Icebound? If so, that’s intentional. There are sections of that map where when the ice is shot and broken, reveals icy water which can freeze and kill you when you step onto it.

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Yeah I’m pretty sure all I mentioned in “Clearer Feedback” is a design intention. But it’s not clear and visible. It’s okay if it’s a map twist, but just warn, make it visible, explain it somewhere, have a tips / tutorial, anything!

Without spoiling anything, this mechanic is learnt in the campaign as its used at the end of Act 2. I don’t think map mechanics like this need to be spoon fed to players as you learn its hazardous on the off go.

In the campaign they usually introduce it with the world and the narration. I don’t plan on playing the campaign so I need another form of tutorial.

I think it’s relatively clear, when the ice is broken the water is much darker compared to the ice around it. This is where you need to pay attention more to the battles going on around you, and how it can affect you. It is said in the map video released before launch, I also believe it is a tip on a loading screen as well.

I don’t really know how you can make it more obvious without putting a huge DANGER sign whenever the ice is broken.

Control prompts are affected by ping. higher ping = less time to make the button prompt. Nothing has really changed in this department.

The other QoL upgrades you have suggested are needed, and would make the game better, I agree on that.

I don’t find it easy to see. Maybe it’s harder with my colorblindness or it lacks of an audio cue. I dunno. Hopefully I’ll get used to it.

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teams in ranked are far from even
Please fix

The devs need to sort out that black screen with players stats at the end of each round in Horde. I don’t want to be forced to look at everyone’s stats at the end of each round.

I can press Tab to check if I feel so inclined. I’d rather use that time to pick up the energy still on the map and get ready for the next round.

This too. It takes ages and I don’t think I even cared once. Just focus on what we want to do and don’t bother us with what we don’t care about. As you said, we know how to press tab. Better tab data (and better presented, like in Overwatch) would do the job. I don’t like being served excel sheets for a year between each round.