Quality of Horde players in custom lobbys fell off a cliff few weeks ago

I chuck it up to new players, as someone said in another post perhaps holiday joiners. More than one I have had groups that fail at beginner level horde. It kills me when it does.

I’ve seen the same thing. They were always a little iffy, some good, some bad. Lately it’s mostly bad. Level 1 mechanic joined our Master lobby, a 7 Jack, an 8 Infiltrator.

On Master I don’t want to see below level 20. But that’s also because we have limited time here, we are 26/37 on the 1-50s and I badly just want them done. Then I have my retirement plan all set. Since my cards are soon to be maxed, I just want to find lobbies in progress that need help and go in and help them finish. Since I don’t care about the rewards, that somehow sounds fun to me lol.

I’ve had help from great players in the past, I want to stick around and kind of pass it on with other people doing their various goals. But right now, I take it more seriously because even one horrible player can ruin a 1-50 master. Given right now it has been just 2 or 3 of us trying this, we rely on 2-3 good randoms. When we’ve had the team more under control like 4 of us, it didn’t matter what the random did honestly.

I think for me it’s the first one, the check mark, maybe other people care more after that but if I already mastered something I’m not gonna get all bent out of shape if I fail it the next time lol.