Quality of Horde players in custom lobbys fell off a cliff few weeks ago

I guess it could be Halo pulling players away from Gears but in the past several days we see more and more very inexperienced players joining Master runs… People who largely dont really know what to do…

And now, even max level characters with 50+ reup dont mean anything re the expected level of experience…

Lack of basic understanding of what weapons work for what class at those levels… Where to setup… What to do…

Even when well meaning… I mean i get downed, three people run to revive me… Three… And then all of us get downed by a single Boomshot round… When there is comeone already running to pick up a downed player, dont join in… Stay back, keep shooting…

Before it was rare to fail… Now it is rare to finish…


Can’t say I have trouble finishing.

Obviously I mean Horde, get your minds out the gutter


At least mostly I do Advanced Horde! Don’t make me join your Master Horde! :sweat_smile:

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Christmas noobies, perhaps? In that case I would welcome some new blood for this game lol.

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I’m not sure if they’re especially new players though. Alot of the ones I see are high enough reup that I don’t think they could have reached that level in such a short space of time. I think it’s more likely to be more casual players who started playing a while ago and maybe returned as they had more free time over the festive period. Alot of these players would be around reups 20-40.

I’ve seen some clear newbies though. A level 8 Infiltrator without a single reup joined a master game I was in the other day. Fortunately between the host and myself, we carried the team.


If I’m at work and the connection is being particularly bad, really bad players can result in a failed horde match.

At home? The skill level of randoms is virtually irrelevant. Unless they’re doing something spectacularly stupid, I can barely gauge the difference.

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I only play when the daily/featured rewards are cards as of late so havent been playing that much lately but havent really noticed anything out of the ordinary other than a noticeable higher count of low levels joining the lobby (xp events amirite)
I have a set prerequisites I put in the lobby title, kick low levels and pretty much every group I start the game with does well enough to finish it.
Do you set standards in your lobbies or is it all inclusive?

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Surely this wont be flagged… right? :blush:

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You’re welcome to join my lobbies


There’s been a decrease in quality, and also on quantity. I’ve usually have a harder time finding a lobby than what it used to be just a couple months ago.

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The games we had on Nexus and Reactor @RelaxingKoty @Ultra_Gnasty


Is that Duke Nukem rebooted for a more grown-up audience?

Its awful without Wicked.

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Make fun of Wicked all you want but you’ll miss her when she’s gone.


I make fun of Wicked alot but I was being 100% genuine with my comment. We played like 5 or 6 games without her and it was awful.


Oh I know you were being genuine, just felt like throwing this out here.

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This game is rough without our Engineer in the game making fun of us because we’re men.


Doing Master with friends and good randoms is soooo easy! :imp:
Let’s play with bad randoms, shall we!? :smiling_imp:


I wasn’t there but thumbs up because Metal Gear.

Hivebuster Dom approves.