Quad XP live time - Feb 12 - Feb 15 2012

Does any one know if this is live yet or when it will go live?

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10am PT - Time in Vancouver I believe.

Thanks, So that’s noon CST.

Should be about 9:13 for you . If so specifically. it will be 12pm for you its in 3 hours for me so it will be 3 hours for you.

Apparently the time is the usual time new things get added to the game. Like when the store updates on a Tuesday etc. So if you know when that normally is it will be then.

TC might update their twitter as well about it. When it goes Live

Can someone please fix my account before 4xp goes live? Submitted my ticket but 14 day expected wait time is very unfair.

14 days? Not to burst your bubble but I waited almost 6 months for even a reply on a ticket… and that was just asking if I was still having the issue.
I honestly hope they fix your problem but I wouldn’t get my hopes up.