QoL grenade for horde

We all know as a tactician, demolitions or slugger that you explode yourself way too often with grenades.

I’m talking about spamming the RT button to throw grenate just to go down from an enemy and you accidentally use “self explode”.

I think the self explode in horde is pointless. But if people still want to have this feature in horde, why not go for “holding RT” instead of “1 simple push”.

Would be a better option and with a slugger buff incoming I will see a lot of self destroying people.


Slugger wont hurt himself with Frag Grenades until (maybe?) a Nerf/Fix is coming - if you get downed that’s another Story tbh so holding instead of pressing RT would be pretty damn helpful to prevent those accidental killings.

As far as the other Classes go i don’t know why someone even use a Grenade-Build on those Classes there are a couple of way better Options for all three of them (Demo,Tac,Combatmedic)

I know some Players might find it fun to use and whatever so i still like your Idea tho.


just press the button one time and that will prevent you from blowing yourself up. Spamming the button is what causes you to martyrdom.


Hell no. If I go down while trying to flash a Scion I do NOT want any delay on that flash while I’m down.

Don’t spam then?

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Just press it once and the grenade is thrown. That’s what I do, and if I go DBNO and the grenade takes me out in the process, then that’s on me.

Just be more careful in the future because this is, as far as I am concerned, user error.

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There is very rare occasions where you go down as you pull the trigger to throw the grenade. But that’s like, such an extreme coincidence that I don’t think it’s worth changing the feature for.

Not that it makes it any less stupid looking.

I have seen my fair share of poor timing grenade related deaths to say it’s a little more than rare. Normally though, I find the ones to be effect by it to have zero awareness of if they are even aiming in the right direction lol. Escape is where it will happen the most but fairly unaware sluggers will be the most likely in Horde for me.

Easiest solution would be for TC to just change the grenade suicide button to literally anything else apart from A/RT/LB. Problem solved

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Or players could stop spamming the RT button. No need to rewrite code or write new code for a new trigger.

they need to give you the ability to plant them faster. you can barely plant 7 grenades on time for the next wave. you cant really assist your team with taps + forts as well.

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