QoL for Versus Multiplayer

First, I would like to thank TC for making the best Gears to date! This gears truly feels and looks epic! Here are a Few minor quality of life changes that I feel would make a big difference in Versus multiplayer.

  • Game needs save my load out every time I log onto Gears ( ie: swapping between smoke and stun)

  • This is minor, but I find it difficult to distinguish when my rounds are active. I hear the active reload sound fine, but the blinking of active ammo is hard to see. Maybe add more of an outline to the ammunition.

  • While in a TDM game, players should have a good visual cue so we know when the spawns points swap

  • After a gameplay session has ended, players should be able to see the division rankings of all players. (Just how Gears 4 did it)

  • After a gameplay session has ended, Players should be able to view that game’s scoreboard at any time. Even while searching for the next match.

  • While the game is validating the match session, players should be able to type out messages in global chat. Instead the game only allows chat messaging while game has started its match timer. Also during gameplay, typing out messages in global chat messaging may get stuck where letters and special characters do not appear till after the server catches up.

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