Q re GoW3 versus, for those who were there

I wasn’t around for GoW3 versus, I only played PvE so I’d like to ask those who were there:

Ryan, apparently had this to say:

GoW2 introduced slower movement and player count dropped

GoW3 added the retro, and player count went up.

This was used to justify the insanely stronger rifles and rifle focused maps in G5.

BUT: GoW3 ALSO returned to fast movement without delays, added more game modes, more characters, and better graphics…

So the question for you GoW3 veterans : was GoW3 versus a success because of the retro or DESPITE of it?
My impression is people loved the game enough to ignore the retro… So enough great stuff was added to it to make people put up with the strong rifles…

Am I wrong?

If I am right I suspect TC completely misunderstood the player data from GoW3, when they based G5 design decisions on it…

They added the element of GoW3 which was hated, but failed to add any of those things made players willing to put up with the crap rifles… Worst of both world…

That’s my impression, but I wasn’t there, for GoW3 Versus…

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Can you source where he specifically said that was the reason? For one Gears 5 lancer damage values are the exact same as 4, except the active increased rate of fire acts as artificial DPS increase. The awful map design has nothing to do with Gears 3 in my opinion.

Also Gears 3 didn’t “return to” fast movement it invented it really. With or without the Retro Gears 3 was going to be a success in the Gears community because it was fresh. However there was a plethora of problems and complaints that flooded the Epic forums similar to now.

Without knowing what source or article you’re talking about I don’t really know the point of this thread.

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It had a higher player count due to its fluid gameplay, excellent maps, executions, characters, weapons and with the much upgraded movement capabilities, the Retro Lancer didn’t have such an impact that it more or less increased the player base. Definitely not. It was just, alongside the Sawn-Off, added to add both variety and weapons to help newer players combat the more advanced of us.

I really hate when Gears of War 3 is discussed in relation to Gears 5. It was a better game on every level, I played it for 5 years everyday religiously. Almost 100,000 kills on TDM. I don’t want it’s name tarnished by the mess that is Gears 5.

If they must take inspiration, give me back my single-shot Hammerburst. My favourite weapon, plus I miss the “modded” messages.



It was a success despite having the stupid noob fest retro in it.
Thankfully most matches didn’t have many people using it and despite its terrible op nature it wasn’t unbeatable.

I agree with you that tc have been looking at the data and taking it way, way out of context.
Gears 3 might have added weapons to try to give scrubs a fighting chance, but it didn’t try to restrict gnasher players and make it impossible to push like the current gears. Nor did it require the ‘throw stun to push’ loop tc seem intent on designing into the maps.

I’ve appreciated ryans recent burst of interaction, but if he said this, then he is just plain wrong.


I play KOTH several times a week on Gears 3 and I would say that the hardcore that are left do not really favour the Lancer, the Shotgun is another thing though, still used by a great number of players.

As for in its “heyday” not too sure. I always liked it, but still started with Lancer as I love the chainsaw (still do, although still don’t like the button swap) I think that the Hammy has always been the preferred load out rifle. I’m totally annoyed that we do not have a choice of 3 Rifles at load out.

Lastly there is no excuse not to be “around” for Gears 3 now. TDM, KOTH (my weapon of choice) and I would assume Guardian still have a very dedicated user base of maybe 150-200 nightly.

The one issue you may have to put up with is connection though. Sometimes it can be unplayable due to lag and teleporting, at least from the UK. I just admit defeat when that happens…

But (BUT) a great amount of time, especially since I play on the X it is fine and PERFECT in almost every thing it does.
Gears3forlife :wink:

Every game that adds an easy-mode weapon will see player numbers jump, what they don’t mention is the drop off after these casual players leave for the next big thing

Also Gears 3 was the final game in the biggest MS title of last-gen on a popular console. GoW2 also almost killed Gears mp by being so bad… these things were major factors in player numbers.

Tl:dr GoW2 was a bad mp game, GoW3 was better
Tl;dr 2 once casuals left Gears 3, vet-players abused the easy-weapon


GOW 2 was a horrible mess online - This still makes me laugh https://www.geek.com/games/gears-of-war-2-player-so-sick-of-lag-mails-broken-disc-to-epic-1286143/

GOW 3- once the sawn-off was nerfed - was my personal favourite online to date.

Gears 3 introduced the retro and sawn off yes. But these weapons didnt break the game in my opinion. If they are used they can be easily countered.

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The Retro was constantly nerfed throughout development due to player demand. The Retro and Sawed Off were major points of contention within the community throughout the game’s life cycle. If you want to do some digging, I’m sure the community videos outlining all the issues with the Retro back in 2011 are still on Youtube.

Gears 3 was a success because a) the franchise hadn’t grown old yet, b) annualized shooters weren’t as prominent then, so less competition for the spotlight, and c) the Xbox 360 was king at the time, with a much larger percentage of the player base than XB1.

Gears 3’s success had little to nothing to do with the implementation of the Retro.

Gears 3 still had a high player online presence years after its release because it simply had great/ consistent gameplay that made sense and was fair. I never stopped playing even after I reached the highest rank. Due to the fact that i just had fun playing online. And I didn’t stop until gears ultimate edition was released on xbox one.