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Will Promo classes get any attention or rework in the future? Or is there no plan to do anything with them?

The question has been posed before but a bit of time has passed since then and I just wanted to ask again.

Just a yes or no answer will do. I’m expecting a no though given past responses.


Will the Hammar of Dawn be returned like GOW 3 ? Any old or new weapon come back in Horde ?

I need to answer for Yes or NO.


Sure Dana said in a stream before he left that this gears wouldn’t be adding any more weapons after the scorcher. Very unlikely anyway.

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Wow…that’s disappointed.

You don’t have much choice of weapons to use. I love the heavy weapon in GOW 2 & 3, which still fresh to me.

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I’m probably gonna echo some sentiments.

  • Why is quickplay almost completely 4v4? This isn’t ranked.

  • Why is there no bot backfilling in quickplay? Getting real tired of the 1v4s, and games ending early. It’s just unfun. Once again, not ranked.

  • Why is social TDM only 2 per stack? I wanna be able to play with my friends and family, and one of us always has to be left out, even outside of TDM thanks to 4v4. Once again, not ranked.

  • Why is Control 4v4? It’s a special event meant for fun. Why is it 4v4 in private? ONCE AGAIN, NOT RANKED. The Microsoft Store calls this a 10 player game for a reason, and it’s looking more and more like a lie.

  • When are you gonna fix the heads of the Theron, Flame Grenadier, Jinn-Bot, and anyone else I may be missing? Their heads aren’t aligned correctly.

  • When is offline customization being fixed? You can’t use anyone outside of Armored JD and the Swarm Drone when you boot up Gears without an internet connection.

  • When are you gonna sort the characters around? The guest characters are in between the others, Clayton’s out of place, all of Delta is scattered, etc.

  • Can you add weapon skins per faction? You got it right in Gears 4, how can you drop the ball here?

  • Can we please select our character in the customization screen? Players who join can’t change their character in Social (or even ranked, since the ranked menu glitches for joined players sometimes). I mean, you kinda can, but sometimes it doesn’t work, and it only works for Social.

  • Can you fix the Social tab so we know what our friends are playing? I’d rather know whether they’re playing Co-Op vs. AI/Arcade, or an actual match.

  • Can you seperate the difficulties from the modifiers that should have been optional in the first place? I just wanna play on Normal mode or higher without those annoying modifiers.


This has been answered already.

Any upcoming changes to Jack in horde?


When are we getting new Chrome Steel Characters?

What was your favorite part of creating gears 5?
What was the worst part?

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Will Chrome Steel Grenadier and future skins be stream-only, or will they come into Store?

@TC_Kilo1062 already answered this in a different thread, at least about the Grenadier. That one is a stream exclusive.

Hopefully we can get a direct answer either yes, then great, about how long will it take to get it in game. Or no, so we can move on.

Is it possible to create a Gears Online with every Gears Map, Weapon, Game mode and all previously released Character skins with a Map editor and custom browser?

One chosen tuning(:sunglasses:good luck) and option in private for custom tunings?

One unified Gears Multiplayer experience


AND can we ever get a Big Team Battle mode Gears Style?

Overrun meets Halo 5 Warzone maybe?

Is there a Chance we’ll see 50 Wave Anything Goes Horde making a return?


Why is it so hard for them to work. I go to work and do my job and everyone’s happy why can’t tc

I gave up a while ago giving constructive feedback once I realised that publicly TC would release a statement along the lines of ‘we hear you’ only to realise that after a new operation drops you clearly didn’t (Op 6 being the perfect example regarding maps).

All the questions TC should be paying attention to are scattered throughout this forum repeatedly. If someone from TC could be bothered to spend a single afternoon taking notes maybe Gears 5 would be in a far better place than it is right now.

To everyone else who still has the patience and faith in TC to restore Gears, good luck!


Are there any plans to release more modifier ‘sets’?

Are there any plans to create a more “hardcore” PvE mode (Master+ basically)?

Any plans to add Locust in (Escape from Kadar) event into regular Horde mode?

This isn’t a question but just thought I’d say that I love PvE in Gears 5 and that I appreciate you guys :slight_smile:


Del or JD!?

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Have card presets ever been considered, or perhaps are currently being worked on? It would really help with classes like Tactican, Nomad, and Gunner who have numerous builds that can vary from map to map and/or other classes in the lobby.

Will Guardian ever return to ranked? Many of my friends and myself didnt funnel to KOTH like mayb3 you guys were hoping for. Infact many of us moved to PvE or stopped playing altogether. Also, I find it frustrating all these changes were made to the mode (XRay, spawn system, etc) yet it was never given a second chance at ranked. What was the point, then?