PvP player counters/play now list

Not sure if this solution has been suggested before but…
Could a player count be added beside the versus play list, e.g. Brawl 80/400 where 80 is in your zone and 400 world wide. Each list gets its own counter. That way people can make educated guesses as to what PvP they will play based on popularity or how long they want to wait for the game to pop. And/Or make a list that loads you in whatever is currently going so you don’t wait at all.
Thoughts? (And expected flames)

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This is something every single player would like to have but even if TC agreed to it, Microsoft wouldn’t let them. They never disclose numbers unless they’re evidently positive.


What he said

Remember Halo 3 and Older Call of Duty? Man what the heck happened.

They could still do the play now list and jam everyone together is one giant frag fest list

Start the play list you desire most and look at the estimated time for match.

If they put numbers in, it will kill off Playlist unintentionally.

As much as I’d like this to understand the ebb and flow of player counts and which modes are most popular I understand why MS and developers don’t post numbers. They become self-fulfilling prophecies with thought processes like:

“Oh, look how few play execution. I don’t want to play an unpopular mode. I guess I won’t play it”.

The player not playing encourages others not to play it. Some time later even less are playing.

“I guess I was right for not playing execution. It’s playerbase is dropping. I don’t like execution”.

Removing player counts inoculates play lists from these type of rationalizations.