PVP Help! Gnasher and Controller configurations

Hello everyone! So when I first purchased Gears 5, I was disappointed in the PVP Gameplay mechanics, as like most everyone who played Gears 4 religiously as I had. The mode I always played was KOTH. TC took away the points for breaking and capturing the rings, and being shot with Gnashers as a “wtf” moment, killed it for me. I transitioned to Horde instead.

I have recently obtained all off the horde objectives in the Tour of Duty II, so I have gone back to PVP to give it a try and unlock more objectives.

I am unsure if it is because I have been out of the PVP “muscle memory” as I once was, but it still feels off to me.

The accuracy of the Gnasher has slightly improved but where do the bullets come out of? Are they coming out barrel like they improved in Gears 4 or somewhere else?

Also, I have an elite controller and I need some help with configuring it for PVP. What are some good calibrations for the controller itself and the in game controller customization? I am turning too slow at one setting and then overshooting in another. I am unable to find the right balance.

Thank you for your help and happy gaming everyone!

Gnasher pellets are coming out of barrel, but tracing the hits starts almost on characters hand, to prevent shooting through thin walls (sometimes when barrel is on the other face of the wall you could kill someone, tracing point is moved back in direction of characters rights hand, somewhere close to the middle of gun model to prevent shooting through walls).

I play on something like 26-26-26.

For my Elite,

I use the trigger stops and have LB as A and LB moved to top right paddle.

You have to find the balance.

Too sensitive can be bad for aim.

Too low and you could see yourself not reacting fast enough.

You have to practice and see where you can hit shots.