PvP hasnt been better in a long time..change my mind

I feel that everyone complaining on this sight are simply too stubborn to adapt. The game has been out only a few weeks and has topped fortnite as the number #1 game on xbox. If you cant keep up it doesnt mean the game is dead. Shoot me your non longwinded complaints, id like to converse.

Complaining and we need to adapt? Lmao are you serious? Do you not see the videos on here with the aim assist? How do I adapt to that? A Lancer is a power weapon in this game. Every weapon is overpowered.

Snipers hitting you in the chest and headshotting you. Trash servers. I can go on and on. I just don’t get how in your deluded mind, this game doesn’t have problems and people are just complaining because they can’t adapt.

It’s people like you and those fan boys here defending this game that continue to bring the franchise down and down.

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How can you adapt to such a broken and disappointing game ?
I don’t know where to start with…
I played more than 15 000 koth games on gears 3, I liked UE a lot, but gears 4 started the downfall.
I wont talk about the launch of the game, it was horrible.

  • Campaign is full of problem
  • Horde is boring
  • Unlockable content is so poor, ridiculous and useless.

And multiplayer… Let’s talk about multiplayer !

  • hit detection is awful
  • Ping variation goes from 30 ( which is my normal ping) to 100-120 the next game, then 80… There’s no regularity in it.
  • flash grenades are ruining the essence of the game. Nobody uses smokes anymore. It’s a cover shooter. In Koth, it’s a fest of flash grenades every 30 secondes…
  • Aim assist is a joke. Hit box had never been so big. You can be headshot while being hit in the chest ( I’m not the only one to notice that)

There may be other things, but I just can remember that for now.


Adapt lmfao. Remeber when the gears community actively diacouraged cheap tactics like the chainsaw and such. Players these days man.

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Preach it man, trouble is old fans are called salty and need to adapt when the community raising issues is the only way things might change eesh

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I’ve been around since gears 1 as well. How is the chainsaw a cheap tactic? If you can’t kill someone who’s rushing you with a chainsaw, that’s on you.

Don’t sound like you are an og gears player countless times you’d have a wall camper waiting with a chainsaw what are you chatting you would get trolled and booted in lobbies for it. Why so argumentative boy? :joy:

Argumentative? I don’t think that word means what you think it means. Also if you knew people would wall camp with a chainsaw, wouldn’t you change your strategy instead of running into it over and over again like a stubborn COD player?

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Stubborn cod player? Lost me there chap, damn brother games mean a bit much to you huh

Bit*. Grammar is also important to me.

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Lmfaoo neek :joy::joy:

Says the guy who complains on the forums about a game he claims to be “trash” instead of using his time more constructively.

Send locationnnn

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Closing this and please take your argument somewhere else. This is not the place if you cannot keep it respectful and constructive.

I would suggest checking out the Guidelines for this board.

Thank you.