Pvp clip dump (post yours)

I guess I have the after-Christmas blues, cuz I’m just sitting here like a dork watching my gears clips. Every once and awhile someone makes a thread dedicated to clips so figured we were due for a new one.

To be fair, I’ve posted some of these before:






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Fabricate you


I really wish I had clips to show, let alone cool or impressive ones but I can’t bring myself to stop being lazy and setup some kind of “record the last 5mins of my gameplay” kind of feature. A lot of my gameplay isn’t documented what so ever unless I manually open up OBS and start recording.

(Nothing really special about this clip just thought it was funny)


Honestly forgot what Gears looks like with gore on lol


Probably over 2 hours worth of clips

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Good gravy



I dont have alot of my really good clips because they were on my old xbox. these are some good ones i could find. wicked stole ultra from me so we havent been able to play versus for a couple months. So I dont have many newer clips.

Embar Collat. My favorite thing in this game is doing anything cool with the snipers. Collats, Hangmans, Supers. All what I love about Gears PvP.

Aggressive Flag Cap in CTF

Back to Back Hangman

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None of those are working for me. Could be my end I dunno

theyre working on my laptop and on my phone. could be on your end.

Hmm probs. Sometimes this happens. I have an old af phone

I’m sure you were a god tho

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We’ve played versus together, clown. I played with you, forza and Kyle on a few separate occasions lol

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Yeah I remember. You got mvp like every time I played with you lol

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We would play a few games and then you’d say you have to leave for awhile but then youd be back on Gears in like 10 minutes with a different crew lol

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Loooool yeah.

When you share a house with 17 other people, you tend to be on the move a lot

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I can’t play them either Koty
copying the video address into a new tab also gives me an error


Wow it works on Firefox. discrimination!

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Thank you, shameless place to plug my TikTok — here’s my favorite clip that I’ve uploaded. Quad + Quin with snipe. https://www.tiktok.com/@snubbbs/video/7038034115114962181

However, something I haven’t uploaded yet that I think it cool is this:

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