PVE XP broken on Horde

I don’t pay much attention to the exact amount of XP earned towards RE-UP you get from a Masters match anymore, but something seems off.

I was playing last night and we wiped on Wave 46 (sigh), I had 31 ribbons, and got 8k XP, that’s wrong, right?

I’ve gotten more XP from a match on Advanced, can’t see how Masters would be worth so little.

Also, I got zero XP for the 30+ ribbons instead of 1500, it just wasn’t awarded. It’s almost like none of my ribbons “counted” so I was given the bare minimum Masters XP you’d get if you had no ribbons by wave 46.

Anyone else missing rewards lately?


I made it to wave 8 on master solo with a low level character and did not level up my character at all.
(Did not pay attention to the rank XP.)

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Did you have Boost?

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Same here, I’ve got boost,online playing horde frenzy,but no Xp towards character,Sunday I did get character points
Update :I know have character xp played the daily horde frenzy all works.

Earlier tonight i beat the daily frenzy on Master and got my Tactician cxp from 75-92000 cxp

Boost was on. I definitely got the wrong amount of experience and none from the medals.

I had 31 medals by wave 46 on Master and got 8k total. Assuming I should’ve got 1500 from the medals alone, that’s probably 1/3-1/4 the correct amount for the entire game.

I played Advanced recently with boost and got 28k experience for a complete match. Meanwhile, Master, boost, 8k for 45 waves? Highly unlikely.

Sometimes when a Wipe happens the bonus XP for RIbbons glitches and is not given out, it’s been like this since OP1 another minor Bug that never got fixed but is kind of annyoing.

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Great! Such a minor bug too, wasting hours of gameplay.