PVE Time Played and Most Played Class?

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In the Stats section of your game.

What is your Time Played for Horde, Horde Frenzy & Escape?

Which is your Most Used Class for Horde, Horde Frenzy & Escape?

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Mine is:


Time Played - 15D 9H 4M

Most Used Class - Mechanic

Class Time Played - 3D 12H 56M

Horde Frenzy

Time Played - 2D 14H 46M

Most Used Class - Marksman

Class Time Played - 10H 40M


Time Played - 7D 20H 5M

Most Used Class - Blademaster

Class Time Played - 1D 20H 42M


45 days for escape, 12 for horde and about 5 or 6 for versus. I think🤔

Classes im not sure about, would have to look. Ill guess keegan or tact as he is now known.

I’ve played 33 days of Escape apparently, but some of that(at least one week’s worth of playtime) is from player made hives which gave me no progression for anything. Anyway, game claims Pilot is the class I’ve done the most with 14d and 11 mins, but the class isn’t so much relevant because it was tied to Lizzie and I primarily cared about the character when doing player hives.

So in that regard, I would say it’s Blademaster with 4d 17h and 13m.

Horde, 13d, 23h 24m playtime, but class stats once again are not reflective of preferred class because after Op 2/3 I barely touched it. Current highest is Infiltrator at 5d 20h 43m.

Frenzy, 7d 3h 54 m, current most played Gunner at 1d 1h 14m.

Escape - Anchor, 2D 18H 51M

Horde - Jack, 3D 0H 34M

Horde Frenzy - Demolitions - 8H 16M

9 and a half days in Escape, 12 and a half days in Horde, 2 and a half days in Horde Frenzy.


Most used class - Infiltrator

Time played - 17H 55M

Horde Frenzy

Most used class - Infiltrator

Time played - 1H 33M


Most used class - Anchor

Time played - 2H 16M

Guess you can say I have rookie numbers

I just added my total time played for the 3.

I notice from peoples numbers you can get a general idea of which mode they prefer and how much they play it.

With numbers that you have people would be able to tell you haven’t played as often as others or are new to the game.


Time Played - 9D 8H 13M
Most Used Class - Infiltrator
Class Time Played - 3D 8H 25M

Horde Frenzy

Time Played - 7D 22H 56M
Most Used Class - Gunner
Class Time Played - 1D 10H 41M


Time Played - 5D 15H 27M
Most Used Class - Anchor
Class Time Played - 1D 3H 52M

These numbers are low, but the hero system was what mostly drove me away from playing PvE for over a year because I highly despised it. Otherwise, I would probably be close or over the amount of time I put in horde for Gears 4.

My PvE time doesn’t even compare to my PvP lol

But my horde time is slowly going up because of the tour of duty


Time Played - 51D 16H 35M

Most Used Class - Mechanic

Class Time Played - 20D 12H 55M

Horde Frenzy

Time Played - 12D 3H 54M

Most Used Class - Jack

Class Time Played - 3D 15H 04M


Time Played - 50D 5H 41M

Most Used Class - Anchor

Class Time Played - 7D 23H 24M

Does anyone have higher?

Overall Playtime
Horde: 21 Days
Horde Frenzy: 12 Days
Escape: 7 Days

Most Used Classes
Horde: Demolitions
Horde Frenzy: Nomad
Escape: Nomad

Horde: 119 Days 13Hours 54Mins

Jack: 24Days 19Hours 16Mins

Escape: 43Days 12Hours 53Mins

Blademaster: 9Days 12Hours 36Min

EDIT: Horde Frenzy 2Days 4Hours 59Mins

Marksman: 8Hours 14Mins

Horde is the only one i play’

@Ektope : thats more than you!

How? The game’s not even two years old.

Some people do AFK Jack. I’m curious what @Lambent_Lail has.

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Playin’ atleast one 50 Wave every Day and like 4-5 each Day on the Weekend since Launch.
Also the Whole Corona Virus Situation really boosted my Playtime on Horde :joy:
I think i had like 60 Days or something last Year when it started to spread globally.

You sure spent way more time than me playing this game. Especially 50 wave Horde. I got bored of Gears 5s rendition of it in like Op 2 or something. Plus spent much more time in Escape.

Yeah i did like 2-3 Days Afk during the first 4x XP Event

Still like 115 Days of Horde lol

Horde really has gotten Fun with OP4 that’s when my Playtime really took off.

I guess so. But it’s pretty much the opposite for me. Not really too fond of neither 50 nor Frenzy because one isn’t really varied enough in the experience for how long it takes to complete while the current Frenzy knockoff is simply too short especially for more perk dependant classes. And generally enemy variety leaves some things to be desired in the predictability aspect.