Pve slowly turning into garbage as expected

I came across one guy who played Tactician today on The Surge on master who was level 18 but refused to pick up the Boomshots nor the Frag grenades. He chose to take the Retro Lancer and Hammerburst instead (plus a Mulcher). After several retries, the host messaged him and I dropped my Boomshot for him (I was playing as the Gunner). We noticed that he didn’t have any bleed capability.

I then later had a guy who was a level 16 Protector join my lobby - again, The Surge on master difficulty. He was too low level so I kicked him. I had also specifically titled my lobby something to the effect of “master difficulty - no carries, do your part” but he kept rejoining. I asked him to leave and he was like “why?” and I told him that he’s too low level and kicked him. He kept rejoining. I couldn’t block the frigger! He must have tried to rejoin about 40+ times. I later reported him on XBL for harassment etc and had a look at his GOW5 achievements - he had not mastered any Escape hive before judging by his achievements. Absolute charlatan scumbag.

Well, that escalated quickly.

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Do I know you?
Are you my mom?

I have this happen on occasion, some people can’t take a damn hint that they’re just straight up bad. At that point they only re-join repeatedly because they’re salty about being kicked in the first place, I had a guy straight up send me a damn essay once on xbox live on how my “elitist attitude” is toxic and blah blah, guy joined my master lobby were I specifically only wanted people lv18 players and to top it off he started to move the fabricator and move fortifications around. I think I’m well within my right to kick them.

Its like being invited to someone’s home and you proceed to raid their fridge despite a big sign out front saying “No Fridge Raiding!” in bold caps.

Oh, I remember that. He rejoined about 13 times.

It was obvious this person didn’t read, he/she assumed you were the host the entire time till it clicked and then they began to pester me with messages later that evening,

I did Tactician yesterday with a friend and I didn’t pick up Boomshot, Torque Bow or Salvo. That could easily have been me. I’m not trying to defend the guy but everyone seems to think that Demolitions and Tactician are all about explosives and bleed, when there’s more than one way to play it. And playing the meta all the time gets boring and turns the class into garbage to play, if it lacks variety to do other builds. So when I played it, I pulled my own weight very well and the beginning against Drones, Hunters and Pouncers were somewhat easy with Disciplined, Mod Snub, Mod HB doing very good damage, right from the start when no explosives in sight. I do think the guy could have communicated why they weren’t using Boomshot or explosives. When it comes to Horde Daily with reduced explosive and reduced bleed damage, a Boomshot Tactician won’t do jack.


@GhostofDelta2 strikes again

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Speaking of horde I think this has always been an issue because of boost and because of different ways to exploit. A lot of players being fairly decent level but obviously does not know how to play the game, like Infiltrators running around the map with Scorchers or Engineers buying sentrys first thing.