Pve slowly turning into garbage as expected

I think you lot are totally misunderstanding what the term “toxic masculinities” means. Or at least you’re being very narrow in your definition.

It’s not just men behaving in a toxic manner. This forms only a small part of it.

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Ah, that’s not Gears, that’s every franchise :wink: And people outside of the US play Gears as well.


Are you for real disputing that more than half of gears players are men. Come on now

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I’m not the one claiming so, don’t go attacking me.

You are right :slight_smile: there is even less % of women playing gears.
But in reality who cares. Toxic players have no gender ha!


If I am not mistaken that also includes mobile games, facebook games etc, so it really isn’t useful for Gears.


Agreed, toxic is toxic.


Was hoping this would get more heated…



Is this you?


100%. I like watching the world burn.


It really just boils down to your mates and how competent they are. I bust out marksman for ez mode horde, but if your team isn’t complete, unaware garbage you can do fine as a non meta class team. Is it bad for the game? Maybe, but I enjoy the “challenge(?)”, but I don’t mind like I said because I exclusively solo. Kait WAS my go-to slaughter all including air units but all that changed op5.

What comes to recent memory is a game composed of combat medic (me), mechanic, pilot, anchor and jack did Ruins on master like cake walk. I did second most damage with a lancer GL, but firing no rockets since host was autismal about not having explosives rocking the screen ( he said no tact, demo, marksman with explosive and no infiltrators or brawlers in his lobby description)

As I said before im strictly solo player and mostly never complain unless it the buggy BS the game throws from time to time. I wouldn’t play this game if there wasn’t options to carrylord pubs as specific classes because noobs don’t wanna try. Not like its difficult at all specifically with the marksman ult ability to hog every kill.

Pve slowly turning into garbage as expected :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

The thread name refers to “pve” but it feels lime it’s an Escape specific thread… :grin:

I cant comment on that, dont play Escape, but i have found Horde with randoms is MOSTLY ok… High reup high character level people USUALLY are fine… So as long as I am selective which lobbies i join, it’s MOSTLY all right…

The holiday XP event brought out more of the trashy bad players to PvE, I keep bumping into level 17s ,18s , 19s and they all seem to fail to comprehend the fundamentals of both Horde and Escape.

Seeing a Level 20 Demo using longshots and never once using their Ult for 12 waves straight would make anyone die a little on the inside.


Tell me about it! I played as Robotics Expert on Icebound today with my friend, we got 3 randoms, two of them were also in a squad playing as lvl18 Demo and lvl 19 Blademaster.
Except for my friend nobody deposited. Demo started buying fortifications and sentries… Blademaster was carrying them out. I was so upset. I was the host and just left.

that needs to be highlighted.
Cant even restrict lobbies cuz now the people who refuse to understand the game’s mechanics are XX+ and 18+, they’ll report u for kicking em and the neverending toxic circle begins again. One 5-10min escape match becomes in a 30-nightmare min, horde is even more frustrating to deal with. You kick one grasshopper and a chicken joins instead.

well, it s gears 5, another day, another rage.


That was what’s known as a joke.


How dare you. A joke? Maybe it’s funny to you but people who live in the real world barely can get by.




Do you find something FUNNY CLOWN!?!?!?

This is no laughing matter!

Toxic masculinity is a very real and dangerous thing to society!

We the people cannot stand for this anymore!

In closing, SPARGO BAD!