Pve slowly turning into garbage as expected

unless you have a duo partner its just trash. people joining master/incon and dont communicate or read what you type in chat. did 2 runs fine with my duo on incon run of the new daily hive (the choke). went to do 1 run with randoms alone and awful garbage. rushing in and stuff but thats fine, we’re doing work, just seem’d a bit sweaty.

then they just pull so i guess we werent gonna loot the other side. they just spam chainsaw and are fearing things (nomad) and then as I was killing a bastion, a juuvie that was fear’d melee charge’d me and got me full red. went ot melee it, but then it slowly moon walked backwards, and then looked like it was gonna melee me, and then ran away for real, all while under “fear”. bug af tbh. then we die because that same juuvie downs me, my 2 allies are a mile in with 0 dps to kill the scions, and even if I was up, all I could would ult to stun them/damage them, prob would kill them, but maybe they shouldnt have pulled the lever earlier so the venom can benefit me that i even said not to pull.

so yeah, they just leave after, whats the point of queueing up if you dont communicate and then some bs ■■■■ happens with a juuvie? idk just weird.

then went to incon and similar ■■■■ happened. ez as ■■■■, but again i type “dont pull venom lever” and they do it anyways - ok, looks like im not gonna benefit from my venom blade. thats fine ill just snipe, its only incon with health mod off.

Oh nvm, the other guy ran ahead and pull’d the safe room lever and made enemis spawn on us. then he died. then we went again and we were doing the same thing. its going well. but for some reason i start to get juuvies coming from my back. im confused why. oh, then i realize he actually pulled the safe room lever. if i knew, i could play around it and we could actually do it this way. but 0 communciation. fail.

yeah. the 2 bonus skill cards for a 5-20 min hive with a huge chance of failing isnt worth it when you can just rush the clock or the surge in 5 minutes a run. should definitely make dailies more rewarding tbh but w/e.

just saying feels like people cant even get carried because they have to be toxic masculanity all day.

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Are you ok?


I’ve thought this for weeks that surge and clock runs are better for XP and cards then doing dailies because randoms are garbage.

Also, I don’t want daily rewards to be better. That would just bring even more bad players to try and beat them. I already play the game for maybe the daily hive once only if you get multiple sets of guaranteed extra cards. I don’t care about XP or coins. So I mostly just don’t play gears anymore cuz the daily rewards ruined the game IMO

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The daily horde and escape are great if playing with a regular group of friends. The rewards are great. Teamwork goes a long way to make up for that friend who wants to level a promotional character. Sometimes it could be me taking in the ridiculous character.

Coordinating and working together make Gears 5 a lot of fun. When you find a good squad it’s almost a different game.

These days I’m scared to play with randoms. Once in a while, going in with low expectations only.


Playing with randoms is fine. I play solo all the time and have no issue if you can overcorrect your bad team with personal skill (longshot headshot) and Op class.(marksman with max crit parade and longshot handling) Also please don’t use explosive headshot as that messes with crit parade stacking.

If I had a screen cap of a full 50 master I did on forge with 4 others lol. I did 7mil dmg at the top of the scoreboard. 2nd place was actually another lesser skilled marksman also CXP lvl 20 at 2.5mil dmg. Marksman so broke too strong

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You sure they weren’t woman playing?

Doesn’t sound like toxic masculinity.

To me sounds like inconsiderate players who suck at being teammates.

Anyhow there really should be some requirements to play harder levels of escape.


Problem is now, lots of ppl gained alot of lvls through the 4x xp event and its a toss of a coin if u get good team mates or not.

I had a guy who was playing as Nomad, and his method was to run at groups of enemies, activiate his Ultimate to put Fear into them; and then he’s use his chainsaw on Elite Drones, end up in a Claw/Chainsaw dual, lose it every single time, and then die. Afterwards he’d moan at the two of us “why didn’t you help me?”

Oh, and he also had an Overkill and took all the ammo. I was playing as Mac and could do with the ammo, but alas, but this stage I had nothing left so could only sit back, watch and laugh. :smiley:

Yes there does seem to be an increase in new players.

A guy in a clock run as brawler just ran ahead trying to tackle everything. i went to the weapons rooms ( first, second and first in 2nd act. He kept going dbno and crawling back. In the second act he said on the ingame txt chat “why are you back there and not up with me” and then he rage quit.

These guys have always been here.

The no card clock CXP runs are what is turning the PvE to garbage.

However if the new players do stick around and learn something and earn some cards, then its got to be good for the game.

Pve is ONLY good when you play with a team. As for solo, no chance. I rather watch looney tunes with me little brother.


Took the words right out of my mouth.

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Toxic masculinity does exist whether we believe it or not. The majority of gears players are male and that’s just statistics. But I’m not suggesting that toxic players are just men. I’ve seen a few very toxic female players.
As for randoms … at this point there are a lot of new players, some are kids who don’t really care when you try to communicate with them. Some don’t have a clue how the game is played.
I don’t mind playing in public lobbies but I get very annoyed when a player does the same mistake 5 times in a row. Even after being told what not to do.

Hmm… to be fair, I’ve been able to master all Escape Hives with randomers. It’s pushed me to improve as a player for sure.

Although recently with the new daily/weekly challenges, we’ve had a big influx of super-stupid incompetent players, so I guess it’s not fair to compare now and back then.

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That’s great but my marksman is max with XP and cards cuz I exclusively used marksman OP4. Definitely no reason to help randoms on dailies with marksman. I’m tired of having to carry 4 people with JD or Keegan or Kait. If I’m not playing something that can kill every enemy in the game single handedly I have almost no chance. That is not a good spot for a game to be in

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I see what you are saying. I tend to play horde more often, unless I want to grind for cards then it’s escape on clock.

From my own experience It’s either I play with a team or play different game. The amount of times I had to restart (back to lobby), kick players or send messages to players for acting like a :clown_face:. I.e building sentrys over weapons lockers. Has really put me in position where I can’t be bothered anymore to deal with morons.

I’m offended. Stop being so toxically masculine.


I remember when I broke away from the JD meta back in OP 2 and I was hard pressed to find decent players who could run without a JD but what is happening in OP 5 is unbelieveable. Like they are everywhere, in every map, every hive and every lobby lol

They used to be lol, when I was a child (so like early 2000’s) only people that played games were children and old male nerds, now everybody and their doggies plays games. I’ve met quite a few females in Gears and Gears is probably the most toxic community you’ll see so it implies that females are everywhere lol.

Just like only people that used to own PC’s were nerds (before they were easy/simple to put together) same was true with gaming, Gaming has become like movies or music where everybody plays now.

Just avoid randoms and play with a team. You’ll be fine.

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