PvE Skill Card Bug

So I leveled up my Mechanic a few days ago and unfortunately at the end of the match the game said It couldn’t get the results of the match and this usually Isn’t really a problem, It’s Just that this 1 time specifically I leveled up my Mechanic to level 18 and I was supposed to unlock the skill card “Personal Defense” but It didn’t give It to me, and I’m now level 20 and still don’t have It, It Just appears as lock as says It’s “unlocked by leveling up” In the skill menu, so am I Just never gonna get that card or Is there a way to fix It?

Unfortunately, this issue has happened a few times when the servers had issues.

IIRC the only way for this to get fixed is for TC to manually unlock this for the user


Alright Just finished my request, thanks man!


Hope you get it fixed quickly :slight_smile:

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Good luck with that, i send more than 5 requests they never fix this.