PvE Player Health Value

Did a test to find out exactly how much health a player has in PvE. In the latest blog post about the upcoming balance changes it stated that Elite Drone’s Claw deals 35 base damage right now. I went into a beginner horde match on round 37 so that they deal double damage (70). It took a single Elite Drone 33 hits to kill me without my HP regenerating, 70x33=2310. I’m going to assume it’s rounded down to 2300HP.

As for Jack; it took the same amount of hits, meaning he has the exact same health as any other player despite feeling much more fragile.

Playing on Master with the More Lethal modifier on wave 7, it takes 5 hits for an Elite Drone to kill. 2300/5=460 roughly 13x more damage than playing on Beginner.


A random guess would he around 1500 because thats what Combat medics can heal with marked kills

I just stated that we have 2300HP did you not read what I said?

99% sure it’s 1000hp bc I know in Escape I put 4 Gnasher shots into my teammate and did 250 dmg per shot 4 times.

The fact that it took an elite drone 33 hits to kill you on Beginner is skewed data bc it’s highly unlikely because it probably didn’t shoot you from full health to no health. Thus you likely healed in the process bc it probably stopped shooting at you at some point.

Idk though I feel like this info should be readily available to us.

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I think a better way to test player health is to let a player get heavily damaged, then have that player kill an enemy marked by a Combat Medic with the heal on kill card. Watch that player’s health bar in the Tac-Com, see how much it fills up on the kill, and extrapolate the maximum health based on the Combat Medic’s heal value. Maybe wait until we get Only Heal in Cover as a daily mutator.

I’m 100% certain it did, I was in Tac-Com the entire time and watch it killed me in one magazine without reloading, not giving me the chance to start any health recovery. This is why I needed to start at wave 37 and receive double damage because otherwise they couldn’t kill me without reloading and letting me regen HP

I killed every enemy in the wave and left 1 Elite Drone, stood a few feet away from it at full health and let it fire at me until I died, making sure it didn’t melee me or let my health regen. I had no bots so when I died it would tell me the amount of hits taken

I even tested it on wave 27 without double damage poison, my health did keep regening as drone needed to reload, my hp didn’t regen fully per reload so it eventually killed me after regening about 6 times and the death recap said 67 hits (it clearly wasn’t) which would be half damage 2300/67=34.3

Yes! Why is information like this just not readily made available to the players, why be secretive?

Oh wait…it’s so they can do stealth buffs / nerfs without you noticing it.


I’ve tried that many times actually. Even with a player at low health (1% or so) and the card level 1 it still heals then to full health. The 1600hp healing at level 6 in theory should heal the character to full health plus an additional 60% if indeed the base HP is 1000.

If the base HP was 1000. what happens with the other 600 Hp?
I’m not sure if they planned Health to be stacked with that card as they did with Overdoing it.

If the card could cause that remaining health to become Stim or at least, I would like to see an indicator bar of additional Hp. :disappointed_relieved: