PvE feedback, Hammburst, skill cards, etc


Not so much complaints at this point, but thoughts based on conversation with a PvE friend.

The Hammerburst really should have a zoom function. Every assault rifle has a secondary function. Chainsaw, bayonet charge, grenade launcher. The Hammerburst is pretty underwhelming in Horde, and might see more use in Escape based solely on availability.

There’s virtually no other reason to use it with any class except Tactician/Keegan, and even then it becomes completely obsolete when he’s able to put a few points into the explosive ammo regen perk. Using it on anything but low to middling difficulties is asking for frustration.

This gun really should have had a little bit of zoom similar to the Boltok, and a higher chance to land headshots. Heads splat a lot with the Retro Lancer, a much less precise weapon in practice, and rarely seem to do so with the Hammerburst, if ever.

Bloody Torque Bow card. Cool skill in concept, but I feel like this card belonged on the Blademaster/Lahni more than it does on the Gunner. Not only does it fit with the flavor of the character the class was originally attached too, but it jives with the bleed/melee theme of the class . This would be especially true if the Torque Bow had it’s own melee animation with a damage bonus, as I believe it did in some of the other titles in the franchise.

Speaking of the Gunner/Clayton, the above Torque Bow card added an interesting element but I haven’t seen it used much at all, and feel like focusing on a Torque Bow build would hamstring the class. It doesn’t work with the flavor of the class - at least, not as much as it does with the Blademaster. In its place, the Gunner’s ‘Practice Every Day’ card should grant its effects all the time, not just during the class special. Add a reduction to assault rifle kick and or/increased active reload bonus card to even out the class and add an additional playstyle option.

Parting Gift. I don’t know why this is a card. It might be salvageable if it also granted increasing stim to the Robotics Expert based on damage done, or if it was simply replaced with a card that added increased damage to shock grenades, and/or had shock damage grant stim to the RE.

Reaching Level 20 w/ a class. I don’t really care about the heroic skins or any bragging rights players might get out of them. They’re pretty but not much incentive unless you’re a completionist - in which case you’re probably going to grind to 20 with every class anyway. Passive boosts or interesting features to classes that hit 20 would be far more interesting.

For example, the game has a melee/stun animation with the Lancer based upon the Relic Lancer in the campaign, a feature that could be added to lvl 20 Veterans, Medics, Gunners, or whatever other class it fits with in theme or function. Maybe that’s asking for a bit much, but even a passive 10% bonus to a relevant stat would have been cool.

Drone Elites. They’re annoying as hell and if I’m playing on higher difficulties they’re what’s dropping me 8/10 times. The Claw is oppressive, and Shock Grenades on Elites make no sense thematically. I’d love to see Gears 4-style Elites back in the game with Lancers and Frags. They were terrifying but not hyper-accurate game changers. Claw Wielding Elites could still be in the game - just split their current spawn rate with the oldschool Elite mentioned above. More enemy variety, more weapon variety, and less being dropped by Claws nonstop.


The Hammerburst is great on a ranged Brawler, because it’s got just the combination of accuracy and rapid fire to consistently light enemies on fire.


I honestly haven’t tried this before as I’d rather use any lancer variant for its secondary ability, but I’ll have to.

Far fetched but hijacking a Drone is not too bad in early Leeches waves.

I agree the Hammerburst is not the best weapon though. It has tons of ammo which is nice for Brawler but other than that, there isn’t really much use for that gun. Zoom would be cool and might give it more value in PvP also.

Torque Bow doesn’t really fit to any class in my eyes…Blademaster doesn’t need any more cards. The Claw one is already pretty pointless and she has enough melee cards to work with. In fact she’s actually really strong already.

In my eyes it fits neither of the two classes and should rather go to some sort of hybrid sniper/explosive class (since precision effects apply). But that’s only the Marksman really. No idea why you see Blademaster matching here.

Parting Gift would fit more to other classes, on Slugger it would be really funny lol.

#5 is a nice idea I’d support but seems to be unlikely we’ll get something like it in the future.

I still don’t get the Elite Drone issue. I mean yes they are dangerous and they’re supposed to be dangerous. What makes them so dangerous is the double accuracy paired with double damage. If neither of them are applied, these guys are actually not that bad. In Horde with good movement or DPS classes, they’re not an issue anyways.

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I used the torque bow card as a gunner with the stun card for some bosses when they are far away, then switch to my trishot as they get closer, although now i swapped that card for the mulcher card but i still use the stun card

Sure, I’m not gonna drop my Lancer in Horde for it, but I am gonna replace my Gnasher if I don’t feel like splurging on a GLancer, as a backup for when I jam my gun and need the active. And of course they’re plentiful in Escape.

Shouldn’t it be the other way around given the stun card only works within 15 metres…?

I don’t really like mixing both builds. Either I use a heavy weapon oriented build with Mulcher Mastery, Heavy Capacity, Reflect Shredder, Bait Armor and a skill of choice(I would say either Heavy Shell, Charger, Concussive or Flash Freeze), or one with primarily Torque Bow usage in mind, which would swap out Mulcher Mastery and Heavy Capacity for Concussive and Serrated Edge with the fifth pick being either Heavy Capacity if I choose to keep a Salvo to stun bosses with, Heavy Shell or Flash Freeze. No Heavy Charger since I wouldn’t be using it outside of shooting a Salvo at a boss and I find it to be a distinctly underwhelming weapon to use with Heavy Charger that performs a lot better with Mulcher or Tri-Shot.

I see what you mean with the Torque Bow, but I feel as though giving it to the Blademaster would be difficult. That class already has a melee build, a card and build that helps with The Claw, a Gnasher card, so giving it to the Blademaster might be a little difficult.

To be honest, I’d prefer it if one of the Promo classes got the card, alongside some other reworking for those classes.

I agree with the Hammerburst and level 20 relic weapon idea, although I think that’s probably outside the scope of Gears 5. I think TC missed a trick here with the Relic weapons, they havent been used enough in Horde and Escape.

I do see your point in the Drone Elites as well, but there are not as bad as they used to be, and honestly, I worry more about the flyers more than anything now.


Mixing is fine for me as long as you don’t over-do it. Clayton/Gunner can have proficiency in quite a few weapons, but this is just because several of their skill cards are broad and overlap across multiple weapons. For example Concussive Explosives cover all explosive weapons including the Torque and Salvo; while Heavy Capacity covers the Salvo as well as other heavy weapons. I typically just stick to using a maximum of two different weapons - usually one heavy weapon (Salvo or Mulcher) and the Torque which is a starter and can be carried on your back at all times. I guess alot of it depends on what my team mates are. Juggling any more seems impractical.

Depends on who i am playing with, sometimes i have to stun cause team isnt doing a great job, and while the 15m sucks its more of an emergency thing for me