PVE Dev stream - Summary and Reaction

Someone wanted a summary, here you go!

Thanks to everyone that helps keep this channel alive. Thank you.

Timestamps to jump to or skip my dialogue if you just want the points.

Intro - 0:00
PVE in OP 4 - 1:25
How content is built - 3:28
Ways to Play - 5:40
XP rates - 8:49
Duplicate Cards - 12:38
Tile Horde Maps - 14:22
Paduk Medal - 16:28
Escape Intro / Ironman - 16:48
New Passives - 18:56
New Boss - 20:40
Play as Swarm - 22:02
Bugs/Ailment Fortifications - 23:10
Character Seperation - 26:44
Level 6 Cards - 31:21
Bug Board - 33:35
Horde Leaderboards - 35:00
Campaign areas as maps - 36:29
Chainsaw Bug - 38:55
Horde Rewards - 39:46
Fun Mutators - 40:22
Unique Experiences (My Question) - 42:00
Horde Specific Maps - 47:00
Special Events - 50:43
Outro - 51:31
Support Me /Advert - 52:30


watched the whole video, not gonna disagree with you much but there is one thing that I keep hearing consistently in this community and it pisses me off :rage:

There is a large difference between something being sorta novel where you may play around with it for a brief period of time and quickly tire of it and something being genuinely fun that you’ll enjoy for weeks, months, even years down the road.

Case in point: have you tried the hive Ice Queen Zii? in Operation 2 this was by far the most difficult map to Master, it simply nuts, snipers that could instakill you, Dropshot scions that could instakill you, a Matriarch… This map was easily my favorite map in OP2 (and escape in general) simply because it held no punches and required you to play it really smart to win, if you go back and play it nowadays its an easy map because Fahz can one shot everything besides Matriarch… What was once an insanely challenging and fun map just became a snoozefest due to TC deciding to buff everybody basically.

Let me give you another example: I play Gears 5 with a friend of mine (the same dude I bought the game for) and he sees no issue with going in with a level 8 Kait or whoever on a Masters run for Horde because Horde is so stupid easy now you only really need 1 or 2 good players to make it through, strategy isn’t too important nor is team composition, this wouldn’t be an issue if Horde was a 3 player mode like Escape but its not…

My favorite part of that entire stream was when @TC_MichaelAOS (sorry, I ping you too much, I’ll try to do it less often) said that they don’t just want add more solutions to things, they also want to add more challenges, easily the best thing anyone has ever said about Horde yet right now the game is a bit too solutiony and not enough challengy if that makes any sense :pensive:

I’m aware that I could always play PvP but all I’m saying is that it would be nice to have something to challenge me as a player in PvE too, and no I don’t mean some self imposed challenge like trying to win with my feet I mean something that I (and a group of friends) can try to achieve together :pleading_face: