PvE Dev Stream Feedback 22nd of April

So I’ve watched the archive of the stream today and thought of giving my 50 cents to it.

Let me just start of first with that there are a ton of open PvE questions, I really mean A TON. @TC_Sera has opened two threads to my knowledge. One on these forums here and another one on Reddit. At least in the post here, there were a lot of comments packed with questions and I’d say there was a majority related to things not working as expected (bugs) or similar questions that just lead to let’s call it a “worse experience” of sorts (e.g. the Wakaatu only being killable while it’s in the air).

Now, the streams duration was roughly 1h while 10mins of those were already booked by the 10mins intro scene, leaving roughly 50mins left for the actual stream.

With the amount of questions asked, it was already clear that no way all of them would be answered (expectable).

However what was a bit disappointing to me is that for roughly the first 35mins, only questions were asked to sort of “get a good mood” or how I’d like to call them, “filler questions” or “cooldown questions”. Basically questions that don’t really “burn” but lighten up the mood a little bit.

In other words, only roughly 15-20mins (the latter of the stream) were actual questions that were interesting and to some extend criticism.

What I personally expect of such a stream is to get the burning and long-term questions answered. Those that bother the community for a while.

Even @TC_Sera mentioned it a bunch of times in the stream to avoid future content questions, yet she herself asked such questions like if the Locust will make it into regular Horde (which they will) or future PvE Events being playable on multiple maps (which they will) or just considering adding new skill cards.

In short, yet again, a lot of burning questions remain unanswered.

Therefore I have a few suggestions:

  • If you make a Q&A stream, try to organize it on topics (e.g. Escape, Horde, Classes, Events, Future Content etc.)
  • Pick the most burning questions (most asked)
  • Ask the questioner for more details if unclear
  • Compile a list sorted by topics
  • Toss in a few “breaker” questions every now and then, not all at once (like those “what are your favourite XXX” at the first 30mins)
  • But what I generally suggest, just to toss the list of questions directly to whomever is going to answer them to get back a written statement and that the person asked also potentially has time to prepare. A stream for that isn’t necessarily needed, if so you can just take live-chat questions directly, no need to ask for questions ahead of time

Also @TC_Sera you were asking for this in the stream. :wink:


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