PvE deserves more love

Horde mode has always been my go to in the gears games and finally after op 5 with the ability to choose any class with any skin we want, horde FINALLY felt how it should’ve felt from the start. It’s been great. But now with op 6, there’s nothing to play. Sure we have. 2 week event, but it gets insanely repetitive(which horde already is), and the main reward is a skin I can’t even use in horde mode? Really? I love gears but op 6 as a pve player makes me feel like just when horde was getting good, it’s probably going to fal back to having no new content to really play with. No new classes, no new cards, no new traps etc.


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I don’t mean to sound like I’m poo-pooing over you, but I personally find Horde by and large, fairly repetitive.

Escape is king. :smiley:

But on a serious note, Michael Shannon from TC dropped some hints that something new in the mid-Operation 6 drop. It’s pretty vague, but he basically retweeted someone else who had posted a feedback video about GOW which also included some fan ideas for a new “Leadership” class for PVE. Michael said something to the effect that he has considered ideas for such a class, and that they [the fan who made the feedback video] would like what they have planned later in this operation.

Like I said, it’s vague, and could mean all kinds of things, but it could mean a new PVE class; or could involve some existing classes getting some new skill cards added. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up as it’s vague, but we’ll know by mid-April what to expect.

Aside from that, I think realistically we’re not going to get too much more added to the game at this stage. We’re 18 months into the game’s life cycle. It’ll probably mostly be new character and weapon skins; events; challenges; the usual stuff that comes with Operations and Tour Of Duties. I expect TC are focusing alot of their resources on GOW6 at this point.


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If there is gonna be a leadership class in mid-op then a character like Loomis should be one of them to release alongside it. But I just know it’s gonna be a disappointment overhyped thing like being able to scrap cards


Players always think of Horde when PvE is mentioned.

Very rarely do players mention Escape.

Please show Escape some love! Escape is the signature mode of Gears 5!

My heart broke when TC stopped supporting escape altogether with Operation 5 launch.


Prescott, Loomis and a proper Jinn skin :+1:

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Escape is a top class unique game mode, very much underrated. I don’t know if making a say 5 player escape mode would help boost the numbers for squads and such. Very untouched and they could do some cool stuff with it. I hope they carry on with it going forward and make it bigger and better.

Horde is always fun but yeh we need some new enemies, would love to slay a large variety of locusts again and not strictly the swarm 24/7. Even that would freshen it up, got a feeling they’ll do something like that mid op.

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I agree but I think escape will be cut from Gears 6. It’s just not that popular. I want it to continue but I think a hybrid pvp/pve mode will take its place and leave horde as the pve mode.

I think having the two modes and not the ability to share maps will be it’s downfall for the number of players it’s held.

PvE is the best part about Gears 5 in my opinion. @TC_MichaelAOS and the team have done an outstanding job in making Escape and Horde more fun and adding variety. This has been the most fun I’ve had in Horde in a number of years, and Escape is a great third mode.

A little disappointed Escape isn’t getting more hives, but the work done on Horde and the modifier sets have been brilliant. I’m excited to see where PvE goes in the next game.


Honestly, I just want them to update Promotional classes so you’re not dead weight when you’re grinding their levels. I believe TC said somewhere they won’t be touching them, but. Come on.

I always feel bad when I’m readying for a Horde match with randoms and put on a purple icon. Like I’m taking advantage of them or something.



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I agree each part should be represented equally

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TBF Escape got new maps and content every 1-3 weeks since launch up till Op 5. Horde just got scraps from PvP maps for the longest time.


2-3 escapes an operation would’ve been nice. horde gets boring. hope the mid op horde changes spice things up. demo nerfs please thanks

Demo’s being nerfed enough. Stop asking for more 1579184394184


Seriously, I think some of these players will only be happy if the demo has 1hp and dies of a heart attack when a bullet goes by near them.



honestly i wouldnt mind if they had an Op dedicated to PVP or PVE to make it more fair, one op has more pve stuff than pvp and vice versa. it helps prioritize what mode needs add ons.


I like this also good idea

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