PvE classes in a new PvP game mode

Warzone can be played in custom lobbies, but it was pretty much replaced by Execution a long time ago. There are too many classes in Arcade, and it’s not even available anymore. Feel like it’s time for some changes to both of them.

  • Firstly, changing the name Arcade to Warzone.
  • You can pick whatever character you want.
  • You can now use Horde/Escape classes as loadouts (Except for Jack).
  • Each kill reduces your ultimate ability cooldown by 10% (So you need 10 kills)
  • Your cooldown is reset when you die. You have to get 10 kills all over again.
  • Ultimate ability cooldown cards are not available. Credit to @ReissyBoi
  • Ultimate ability kills don’t count towards your cooldown timer.
  • No duplicated classes. Can’t have 2 of the same class on the same team.


Spawning with a Boom/Drop/Longshot/Torque etc sounds a bit broken don’t you think?

Sure, Demo instakilling the entire team every 5 seconds and Marksman with perma wall hacks sound super fun, not to mention Infiltrator chain executing the entire match while invisible and a Veteran with aimbot…

You really haven’t though this through have you?


So…JD can automatically Mark you and just hit the Buttom and Kill All of Them.

Are you serious that JD is a Hell-Easy Class to Play?



Ultimates in PvP?

That is just stupid


Demolition only has 2 rounds of boomshot ammo. Almost every class has a gimmick.

Cooldown cards don’t count towards cooldown

You’d have to be pretty good to get 10 kills in a row, with 2 boomshot rounds and a normal lancer. Yeah, op at the start, but weak mid-game. Most of these classes have something that makes them really good at specific distances. Some are better at long-range, some at mid-range, and others at close-range.