PvE Character Leveling Thought

I enjoy me some Horde and Escape but it is far too tedious for everyone to enjoy. I think that is because of the card/character level progression system. The system basically requires you to play on simpler difficulties in PvE in order to level up a character to unlock the opportunity at using better cards for your character to be a viable player on higher difficulties…and that would need to be done with each character. So people who don’t put in the time to level their characters are really limited in what they have available to them and it hinders their chances of enjoying PvE.

The issue is that all the leveling is only PvE related, so really the only people seeing the benefits of higher cards are those with dedication to play PvE modes…

What if PvP primary players were given the ability to level up characters and earn cards for playing PvP?!

Sure you can earn scrap (at an abysmal rate) to build some cards…but you need to have a character leveled to purchase cards of worth anyways and you have no way to level characters in PvP. So what if we had something similar to “Totems” that we could equip so that a portion of XP earned is carried over to leveling the selected characters “Totem”. I would say whatever character you play as, but then everyone on the Swarm would see no benefit as they do not have a PvE equivalent.

It would provide players with higher level characters, making a more enjoyable experience for a broader player base, as well as aid PvE players by giving them PvP players that actually stand a chance on higher difficulties because they will have characters and cards to play with even though they focus on PvP.


On paper this sounds like a great idea. If this was up for vote I would vote yes I think it benefits pretty much everyone even people who played both modes 50-50 however I think TC probably wants to encourage people that care about their card level to actually play that mode to help fill up the lobbies and what not.

Regarding them wanting people to play PvE to level up cards that is why I said it would be a portion of the versus xp you earn Goes to characters.

Say for every 5/10 versus games you won you got a pack of 3 skills cards. One guaranteed blue or above, 2 green or above and ONLY for the character you have the “totem” equipped for. That is still a slow pace of earning items for characters. And even then in my mind it would only draw PvP players over to try out PvE more because they would now have viable characters and cards to not play on beginner to Elite but actually try middle ground up with the PvE crowd that leveled their cards through mostly PvE play.

I’m just not a fan of how the system now creates A divide between players that doesn’t need to be there, honestly. This would bridge the gap a bit as it means PvP players don’t have to grind out playing horde/escape just to get one character to be a viable option for them. They can play their preferred mode, versus, and then if they have friends or feel like playing PvE they are already able to have a strong character option there for them.

Another idea, is to add an additional Supply Drop which gives you skill cards for PVE as well. Maybe for every customisation card you get, you get an equivalent skill card based on the grade (common, rare etc).


All for that, but then you run into the fact that some players simply do not have characters leveled and therefore can only earn one skill card, and it’s green, as they don’t unlock the ability to earn higher tier skill cards until characters are leveled enough to have an opportunity at a blue or above.

Yes, but then if players want to unlock skill cards then they need to play some PVE. It’s a bit of a hassle, but it’s not a big time commitment or anything. A couple of Escape runs will get you leveling up fairly quickly. The first few levels don’t need very much XP at all.

Not to me it isnt. But it is for some PvP Primary players. But if they did have a “Totem” that you could have equipped and every time it filled up like a supply drop from play time you got a skill card for that Character that would only be a positive addition in my mind.

I just like the idea of actually giving PvP players an incentive to play PvE…without the need for them to play PvE on a consistent basis to get to character level requirements that allow them to earn that “necessary” skill card to be useful with that character in higher difficulty hordes/escapes.

Faster leveling for PvE primary players, but a nice foot in the door opportunity for those who only dabble with PvE and focus on versus.

No I totally get it. Perhaps I didn’t explain myself clearly I agree that it’s a pretty cool idea overall but grinding out some of those cards can be a pretty lengthy process as I’m sure you know and during that process you would be a player to help fill lobbies. it already seems like sometimes getting a full lobby can be an issue so my thought is maybe Tc don’t want to divide the player base even further but I really do like the freedom that your idea would give us. One last thing I also think you have a good point seeing a bunch of shiny cards pop up at the end of a PVP match might get someone who otherwise is not interested in PvE to try it out since they’ll probably would say to themselves I got all these cool cards now might as well at least try to see what this PVE thing is all about.It could definitely work I was just looking at it from both ways.


That’s what I’m aiming for is the end of that reply @Knight74695. (On mobile and too lazy to copy the post here haha)

It’s incentive to PvP players. The full course and best, fastest, most efficient way to earn cards and character xp would still be playing horde/escape…so those PvE primary players would see relatively little benefit from an opportunity to earn in PvP as it would be slower than just playing the mode they already prefer.

But for PvP it’s an opportunity to earn character xp and skill cards you right now would not otherwise gain and gives you that nudge to be like “hey, my JD went from lv1 to lv8 these past couple weeks… maybe I’ll try out some horde and see how this goes“. Instead of fresh meat players with lv1-3 characters and limited skill cards, you have a wider berth of players available who are PvP Centric that can play on more than beginner/intermediate and get bored with the inability to do anything compared to the lv10+ with all these high leveled cards and extra health/damage/abilities and just Go back to PvP because of it.

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The more I think about it the more I really like this idea I’m a fan. As long as the experience to get from it is not ridiculous but I’m pretty sure you already accounted for that in your original post. It could also even have the opposite effect and have some PVE players try out some PVP modes now that it would not feel like a waste to them since they’re still progressing their characters theoretically. you got my vote. :+1:

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Exactly. Right now it’s all or nothing for PvE progress. This brings the community together a bit more and makes the hero system less daunting to handle to those who don’t want to invest hours into characters in PvE to be able to use them down the line.

I really just feel like the hero system makes people feel left out compared to unique or role oriented. As it is now, You either put in the time to have the characters (hell, just to even unlock them let alone level them up) or You have nothing worthwhile to PvE players over a certain difficulty level. PvP character progression, even if at a nominal rate compared to PvE, is better than nothing to not feel like you don’t have the characters to even try PvE Because it’s too much of an investment of time in a mode you want to play here or there.

Earning more scrap could work too, but that’s dollars to TC.

I completely agree with PvP earning PVE points

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To be honest I think the current system is rather fair. If you progress in difficulty according to your level you will earn more xp. You have to move up and finish the higher difficulties or it will be very slow. I like this system because it rewards players who are willing to go up in difficulty and face a challenge and get better at the mechanics of the game rather than grind lower levels until you get your cards. I think this is why we have level 18 characters who can’t finish an advanced Horde run. If you run a character up to 18 and never play anything over advanced you’re going to be the one that is getting everyone killed in the higher difficulties. Also, PvP exclusive players have a style of plat that doesn’t suit PvE in higher difficulties at all and I think this has something to do with the system. It makes sense to me that if you want to play Horde on Master you should have a complete understanding of what it takes to complete that, and coming over from being the shiznit at PvP doesnt mean ■■■■ in Horde. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t be able to do both and have fun right away, but it’s two different things we’re talking about here and it would be unfair to PvE players if PvP players could level up playing PvP. Think of it like this, you don’t get to start off in ranked play, you have to progress.

PvP players could level up their skill cards doing nothing but versus in GoW4. All you had to do was buy the horde booster packs with your credits and there you go. My system would be that at its core, essentially.

And I am not saying they need to be viable at playing on Master, hence the mitigated earning rate you would see in versus compared to PvE earnings. I just want a system in place that allows PvP players that sink 100s of hours into versus the opportunity to be more than simply a man and a gun with a few green skill cards in horde/escape when they hop over to PvE modes with only dozens of hours of gameplay.

The way the system is built now you need to play on lower difficulties with every character in order to use them on higher difficulties…not Master, literally anything 3 or 4 mutators or above. This isn’t exactly inviting to someone who already prefers another mode.

Play on a middle of the road difficulty with a new PvE character when they launch…it is just flat out not fun because you don’t have extra health, damage, bleed, burn, etc. and are just hindering your team. Having to drop difficulty just to level up characters again sucks, and PvP players don’t want to play that mode over and over to be a viable player with more than a couple characters.

If you give them enough character xp and skill cards for a selected character to play an Elite - Insane PvE game from playing a large amount of PvP…that seems extremely fair to me.

Then they can play Elite - Insane PvE, earn more higher rarity cards right away when they actually do play PvE AND during that time they can learn strategies and nuances that are key to playing on Master eventually.

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I love hoard, I like the card system but as someone who came to the game late I’ve probably spent half my gears time this month speed running to give myself 4 viable hoard characters for when I join custom lobbies. I actually really like versus too on this but don’t ever get time to play it because I’m speed running the section of the game I don’t care for to get cards for hoard because the drop rate is terrible for 50 waves.

So yeah I’d love cards to be added to versus. Even more I would like 2 cards per 5 waves in hoard and the XP bonus to drop more cards.

I might actually enjoy doing escape legit too if I didn’t spend 2 hours per day speed running.

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Having to boost cards to level them is ridiculous, I agree. But unfortunately, it is the best way of creating a formidable group of characters for PvE right now because of horrible drop rates for rarer skill cards and leveling your new/underleveled characters so you can use them on higher difficulties if your best level characters are taken by other players.

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I know this is probably been talked about before but they really need to implement the card scrapping system from 4 plz.

They really do. TC doesn’t want to add scrapping of skill cards “in case they decide to add lv6 cards” but Someone pointed out on the forums a while ago that they should implement scrapping once you are past the 30 cards extra & lv5 (or whatever amount Of duplicates that were needed to level up to 6 in GoW4). This would give the devs cushion to say we didn’t screw you over by letting you scrap all your cards but give players the ability to get scrap from the bounty of green cards everyone has well over lv5 and 30 extra

I really hope they get to that as soon as possible it would be a major win for the game and I’m totally down with them doing level six cards again that could be fun any talk about them adding a sixth card slot? I would be a fan of that.

I would love a 6th slot. Most characters would benefit from this (a select few like Kat and Sarah don’t really benefit.) and it would be great. The bonus for level 6 better be a reasonable bonus (not like 50 to 55 percent on something.)

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