PvE card drop changes

This is a suprise to be sure but a welcome one, and is definitely a step in the right direction for PvE and if this is any indication of what operation 4 holds for PvE then I will say that you have my attention, however I am not hyped for operation 4, nor will I get my hopes up.


Scrapping and Lv6 cards would have been. More duplicates you can’t use do nothing to improve PvE.


I Agree, however this is nice for those PvE players who only play on the lower difficulties

On top of scrapping excess cards, I’d also want to see much more added to the Supply Drop pool of items. If players don’t want to craft extra skill cards, then give them another use for scrap - put more and better customisation items into Supply. We’ve only had 3 craftable characters since launch and it seems like TC are prioritising character skins for the store.

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Did supply even get anything added to it in operation 3?

I think so. I can’t be 100% certain, but I’m pretty sure they added the following weapon skins:

Team Circuit

I don’t pay any attention to things like expressions, bloodsprays or marks so can’t say on that front.

Character-wise we’ve not had any since Operation 1, and that was just 3 (Armored outside Kait, Classic Del and Classic JD).

Well, at the very least our duplicate cards are being counted, so that leaves open the possibility TC could one-day convert them to scrap. So when I get another dupe, I don’t feel it’s a complete and total loss. If I had to guess, I think they will eventually come through. I hope it’s in Op 4, because making us wait until Op 5 is just ridiculous. I believe they also said they would do something about excess stars, though exactly what and when wasn’t made clear as far as I know.

On second thought, I’m also for lvl 6 cards. It would be a quick way to address some balancing issues without resorting to a major PvE overhaul. I think they could be used as a vehicle to buff many of the characters slightly, except for the most powerful characters, like Cole of course, whose lvl 6 cards shouldn’t offer much improvement over lvl 5 if at all.

Lvl 6 cards would make the game easier. I like it staying at lvl 5.

Until we see actual drops, let’s withhold praise or criticism.

TC is not known for its player generosity.

RNG rates were also improved in Gears 4.

Anyone still get screwed?


Would be an even bigger insult if they just decided to not release Lv6 after all these months of sitting on dupes that can’t be scrapped.

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Overall, yeah I’d agree. I think there are certain cards that can’t really go any further. Some cards increase in such small increments that it will make virtually no difference, but some of the cards which don’t work on percentages or seconds like JD’s Launcher Capacity, even a single extra upgrade on that would just tip things toward making the game even easier.

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Pretty sure level 6 will be a no go.

Figure cards with different attributes will be added.

Yeah I really hope they do this. I mean, it’s unclear what their PVE plan is but reading between the lines they’re almost certainly going to separate characters from the Hero skillsets in some form. It’d be nice if we got new skillsets or whatever so we have other things to work on leveling up in the future.

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I think you are right.

Adding a level 6 on some cards just makes them too OP.

Agree. Detachment of roles from characters. New skills added in.

Best way to keep people grinding (TCs only real measure of success).

Rebalancing the game would be almost impossible if level 6 skills are added.

Especially with the “new increased supply drop rates”.

They nerf many characters (kait,etc) and after up skill card lvl 6 ???
1 foot forward ,2 foot in back its a tango ?

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To say Kait was nerfed isn’t totally accurate. They reduced the way shotgun spreads work so the damage is less effective at longer ranges. However they greatly improved the Chain card as well (which used to have a different name), so swings and roundabouts…

Not necessarily if you nerf the lvl 1-5 cards for the characters’ skills that would be overpowered, basically I mean stretch out the bonuses longer so the lvl 6 card is equal to the lvl 5, but yeah that makes the process of adding lvl 6 cards much more complicated. And also more of a chance of people complaining they don’t like how their favorite characters are suddenly nerfed.

That would also mean people would need to grind to get their characters to be as powerful as they were previously.

I can’t see the community enjoying that idea.


Call this how you want it s a nerf at end . Before max dps 3-4 shoot with bleed scion or bastion down. Now 50 shoot you are down and scion dance moonwalk in your face … It s a nerf for me i don’t care technicals explications number of bullets etc etc .

When you are very very close of a scion you can’t miss nothing it s impossible because he block all the screen
You shoot and not the same dps of operation 2 . You miss nothing here …


I would like to see some Commie skill cards “Grants 25% health to EVERYONE”; or “Grants 50% of the means of production to EVERYONE”!