PvE Bosses have barely changed in the years

I love taking the fight downstairs into the lower corridor / supply room. I don’t see that many people do this. I guess it’s very tight quarters so doesn’t suit a whole team going down there. Whenever I play as Infiltrator on this I tend to head downstairs and try to lure them downstairs to take the pressure off my team mates.

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The Swarm Grenadiers are just cooler too. Having a helmet and the highest health out of all the drones makes them very deadly.


Remember that first Carrier in 4s Campaign? I sure do because I was legitimately slightly terrified by that thing. Then again, the Swarm generally gave off more of that impression in 4 when their respective enemies were first introduced, at least going in blind like I did.

The open spaces of Horde kind of make them a joke though. A lot of the boss enemies work better in purpose built environments though… which, as it happens, Campaigns are. Some of them also don’t have completely excessive damage(Swarmak on Inconceivable won’t kill you in two shots, unlike in Horde).

I also made a thread pointing out some differences between Horde and Campaign AI, maybe some of the tuning differences as well, after playing through the Hivebuster DLC. At least I remember making one. I was actually surprised to see some Drones make an effort to get on a flanking position rather than to find the first available cover and aimbot you to death. I can link that if there’s interest.


Yeah, there’s definitely a difference in AI tuning and level design between campaign and PvE. No doubt. Playing the campaign was refreshing because of that. I’d see an enemy, go with my horde tactics, then realize that doesn’t work at all and have to rethink it.

The big ballroom part with Rejects spilling in, I thought, “Oh, easy, I have a chainsaw.” First enemy I chainsaw, the one right next to me ends me in one shot. And I’m like, “…oh, right, that makes sense.” Suddenly in that closed off room Rejects were terrifying lmao.


Yes, PLEASE. Make them. Stop. Shooting. Occasionally.

Careful, your Blademaster is showing! Other than that I agree it is very uninspired. DeeBees at least have a lot of character, that thing does not. I’d say I still like the variety it’s existence brings, though. That said it could use a better set of attacks and behavior. Make it do avoidable strafing runs or a series of a rocket barrages that DO NOT stun. At least it has a wind up on it’s machine guns. Every single enemy attack needs to have a tell that gives you a chance to avoid it, IMO.

Awesome new idea. Speaking of Wardens and even the Matriarch, I hate how they are literally immune to damage unless hitting their weak spot. Don’t get me wrong I glady support encouraging hitting their weak spot but man keeping them from healing without a form of Bleed/Fire can be so frustrating sometimes. Just make them take like 1 damage elsewhere, like with Flashbangs lol.

What if instead of constantly pushing in, it instead focused a bit more on the Seeder type of role and just sit in the back of the map out of sight while it constantly essentially artillery/air strikes the area?

Also that reminds me. Commando DeeBees with Lancer GLs, please.


I like Rejects in the Campaign for the fact that, in those sections where they are inactive and can do it, you actually get rewarded for taking them out stealthily(which can involve environmental hazards, shooting one to get its attention and then execute it, or destroy its head then hit the core). And if one sees you the others also will become active and search where the last Reject saw you before its destruction. They also react very sensibly to moving around them any faster than slow walking, and every Reject in the room will go into the semi-active phase if one of them gets triggered by sound, iirc. But that doesn’t make them converge on the position. Still a bit of a “Don’t move” type of moment.

Everywhere else it’s kind of just an enemy that’s there and doesn’t really pose a threat even if you don’t dispose of them quietly(in Escape). Don’t care too much for it in Horde, but the fact that alerting one in Escape has the other Rejects still idling nearby without a care in the world is kind of meh.

Though I quite like stealth segments or stuff you can clear out without ever being noticed, so maybe take my opinions on the subject with a grain of salt. Especially since the average Gears player doesn’t seem to care about more than ‘pew pew, my guns go boom’.


I very much enjoyed the stealth segments of campaign and also when it happens in Escape too. Being able to instantly Execute Drones along with the rest of the improved melee system really add so much to the basic sit-in-cover-and-shoot gameplay.

I like having a little Metal Gear Solid in my Gears.

sounds of necks snapping right next to them I sleep
me walking for 1 second WE GOT A CODE RED! CODE RED

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Shows footage of me slowly stealth killing every Drone in the rocket hangar section where the cryogenic fluid tanks circulate with Jack’s cloak ability.

That’s a thing I have done, yes. Turns an otherwise tricky section into something relatively easy on Insane/Inconceivable, with some patience and choosing the proper positions for the cloak to recharge.

I did that too was so satisfying. If I got spotted I would just restart lol.

Dude the original MGS would alert everyone in the game with no delay if you so much as hugged them a pixel too fast it was BS lol.

I don’t like Kestnel or Sentinal/ Guardians because randoms cant seem to kill them when i play blademaster/striker so i just prefer to not have to rely on randoms period to kill an enemy.

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So, remove randoms. Im in favor of this.


I mean, once I upgraded Jack enough, I turned the campaign into one big stealth game. You essentially get the Infiltrator’s ult pre-nerf and can string like seven or eight executions in a row before you need to get back into cover. Obviously not quite the same, but it made any non-boss encounter take precisely zero ammo to complete lol.

I’m gonna try for the Ironman achievement by starting the game with my maxed out Jack and just stealthing most of my way through it.

This sounds good. Make the Cankers it shoots be able to players out or freely move around the map instead of how they are currently.

Would be funny to see the Shepherds use weapons they dont usually do. I was talking to wicked the other day and I suggest “what if the shepherds could hold Overkills and they could rapid-fire it”.


Lol they just bum rush you and spam the trigger. What a mess that would be.

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I think of enemies that just would be absolutely awful to fight against sometimes. But I think that Executioner/Elite Warden idea i have would be such a cool enemy to fight. They could even make him an actual boss and not even a miniboss.

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How about Camo Hunters that sneak up and Knife Execute you? Or a Grenadier that literally does nothing but walk around with Frags, sticking you if you get close or blowing up when executed or near him when downed? Call it the Sapper lol.

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I’m down for unique enemies like that, that fits with Hunters lore of hunting down priority targets. They need to make the hunters cloak be affected by the colorblind accessibility options though because on most maps I literally cannot see them. I understand thats supposed to be the point but red is very difficult for me to see sometimes. Idk how they look to people who aren’t colorblind but im assuming they can still see them.

In Gears 4, Grenadiers (or Elite Drones?) Would frag tag you and meatshield you sometimes. I miss that because it was just funny to me.


WAT. You are colorblind? Wow. Anyways Camo Hunters can still be easy to miss in the heat of the action for me as well. They are roughly about as obvious as camo Fallen in Destiny. Easy to find if I’m focused on them. Possible to miss if not. And Gears environments are typically more likely for enemies to blend in regardless.

Also yeah, I miss the taggers in 4 lol. Sucked when that happened playing as Scout lol.

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Its awful for me sometimes. Ive died on solo runs because a cloaked hunter was able to just walk up to me and melee me and I had no idea she was even close to me. And on default settings the dropshot line and enemy sniper lasers are red, which I can’t see very well but the colorblind settings change them to a cyan color that I can actually see.

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