PvE Bosses have barely changed in the years

Gears 5 PvE is great and enjoyable for the most part but I can’t help but feel like the iteration of bosses has been rather similar or just flat out lazy and unchanged.

Lets take a look at previous bosses from PvE up until now.
Gears of War 3

  • Serapeda
  • Armored Kantus
  • Gunkers
  • Berserker
  • Lambent Berserker
  • Brumak

If I’m missing any feel free to add it.

Gears of War 4

  • Snatcher
  • Carrier
  • Kestrel
  • Swarmak (reused)

Gears 5

  • Warden
  • Stump
  • Flock
  • Wakaatu (I’ll give them this, its a cool concept)
  • Matriarch (reused)
  • Snatcher (reused)
  • Carrier (reused)
  • Kestrel (reused)

So you’re telling me from Gears of War 3 to 4 the only unique bosses they added were Snatchers, Carriers and Kestrel. Then coming to Gears 5 they reused ALL of those same enemies but added 3 new mini bosses? TC has legit only created one new actual boss in 5 (wakaatu) and that wasn’t even in the game during launch lol.

Now, I love the variety of bosses we have in Gears 5, I really do but like…its all the same reused aspects. There really isn’t anything different from Gears 4 to 5, TC just doesn’t create actual bosses. This really falls under a minor issue because I’ve never heard anyone complain about it, simply because Gears 5 has SO many enemies/bosses but if you break it down there are only 3-4 actual new ones.

There are a lot of animals and creatures you can take inspiration from and I just think TC should look into that instead adding Berserkers and Brumaks with reskins calling them “their” bosses. Matriarch has always been a cool boss but its been re-done THREE times now.

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Sentinels (GOW5).

Reused from GOW4 obviously, but I don’t think they were bosses in GOW4.

Also, is it worth mentioning the Locust Generals in the Nexus Siege mode? I know they aren’t original new designs and had to be done within tight and limited constraints, but it was a nice addition.

I mean, that’s how games get bigger. They retool and reuse assets with tweaks to fit the new game. There’s also a feeling of consistency for players of past games.

Your use of Gears 3’s bosses for a comparison is disingenuous, too, since you didn’t mention that Berserkers and Brumaks were reused from previous games. And if you’re going to count a Matriarch as reused, then Lambent Berserker and Armored Kantus should count too.

Also, discounting the Warden, Stump and Flock as simply “mini bosses” when miniboss waves weren’t a thing until Gears 5 seems like you’re just trying to favor your own opinion rather than make a point. All of those are new creations.

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These weren’t bosses because they could spawn on Wave 9 and also 10. Gears 3 also had Savage Corpsers and Reavers for boss waves.

I think the bosses are missing something as well. The Carrier is just a very slow movement bullet sponge that isnt threatening so I dont really know how to make it deadlier, although it is classified as a mini-boss now because on 50 wave games it only spawns on Wave 15.

In every cutscene, the Snatchers are extremely fast and Agile. Just make them like that in-game. Make them fast and let them crawl on building. That would be sick.

The Swarmak is in a good spot in Gears 5, to me. Tc changed so you either have to melee it to death or destroy all of its blisters to kill it. In Gears 4, all you had to do was Dropshot it a couple times and it was dead.

Kestrel? Remove it. Its literally just a robot helicopter and a very uninspired boss. Maybe on Gears 6, they’ll be a Swarm enemy that takes control of a Kestrel and turn it into some sort of Land enemy and make it badass.

I love the Matriarch as a boss. I wouldn’t really change much, she’s just a massive berserker but can only be damaged on her weak spot on her back. She’s basically a reverse Lambent berserker that doesn’t spread imulsion everywhere.

Wardens are good, very fast and very deadly. But ever since the Executioner Warden came out ive had this idea in the back of my mind. Make the regular Wardens spawn in with the regular enemies ( how it currently works) but make the Executioner Warden a Miniboss. This new Warden only spawns on a miniboss wave and carries a Breaker Mace in it right hand and the Mauler Elite Boomshield in its Left hand. Come on, you have to agree, this sounds super badass. Ice Scions and Salvo Scions have Boomshield on their back so the Swarm are clearly already re-purposing the shield anyways.

Sentinels are good. Good challenge.

Stumps are fine but should be faster and be able to attach to walls and ceilings like in the campaign. And have to cooldown their trishot as some point. Salvo Stumps should be a thing too, like in the campaign.


I didn’t wanna use Sentinels because they fall under the category of just a high tier enemy imo. But you are correct, the game actually does consider these guys mini bosses.

I’m speaking strictly horde/escape. If I were to dive into the campaign it would be entirely different. I also don’t remember GoW2 horde having bosses, if it did then thats my bad. I have very little knowledge of Gears 2.

Armored Kanuts and Serapeda are definitely mini bosses, I probably should’ve mentioned that. Berserker and Lambent Berserker have different enough properties imo I think its fair to call them unique. There were waves in GoW3 where you could have both of these berserker variants on the map at the same time.

I’m not trying to say I favorite any specific title for having the most/best bosses, I just think GoW3 introduced more unique designs to Horde than either 4 or 5. They all reuse assets but TC has done it the most for sure.

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I don’t really agree, but I’m also not invested enough in the debate to really continue lol.

So agree to disagree!


Information like this was why I was kind of iffy on making the topic lol. I wasn’t aware that they were not considered actual bosses/mini boss.

This is another thing I didn’t really consider. Majority of my Gears 5 boss spawning knowledge comes from Frenzy. Didn’t take into consideration wave 50s were every 5th wave counts as a mini boss.

By this logic I suppose @staindgrey is right then. Because I see Berserker and Lambed Berserker as different bosses so Brumak and Swarmak shouldn’t be considered the same.


Pretty sure the closest thing to a ‘boss’ in Gears 2 Horde were the Bloodmounts that I vaguely remember only appearing at the end of each wave set.

They were treated like a regular enemy, but only spawned on specific waves in 50 wave Horde. Don’t think there was a specific pattern set for the 25 wave modes which completely randomized spawns.

Not entirely. You can still kill it without shooting all the blisters via gunfire. I’m not sure if this applies to horde but I know you can do this on Gatekeepers.

I’m not sure why they even bothered bringing back the DBs when one of the biggest complaints about 4’s campaign was the DBs in general.

flashbacks to soloing split


Says the Blademaster.


All the 3 of the Berserkers are technically the same enemy, yeah. But they 3 have different way of dealing with them and also how they work.

Berserkers need to be lit on fire and then damaged. Or Hammer of Dawn. They are also Blind so they hunt based on Sounds and Smell.

Lambent Zerker, had to lit on fire and then could only be hit in her chest cavity thing. She also leaked insulsion everywhere and could leap and stomp.

Matriarchs can be lit on fire for damage but can always be hit on their back. Theyre also really fast and can cut corners alot faster than the other 2 berserkers.


Its not even a fun or even slightly challenging boss though either. Its literally just a robot helicopter. That’s extremely boring. Every game that had a helicopter boss, that boss is very boring.


Now that I know you can drag the first 2 sentinels to the big room after the shower room and melee them safely those 2 aren’t so bad. The 2 sentinels at the end though can be problematic lol

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Perhaps variety isn’t the right term for this but the quality of the enemies I’d like to see changed. Koty really went into detail about most of the bosses and it made me realize that some bosses just could use change. I wouldn’t mind seeing Wardens return for example but lets try and aim for even more newer designs aswell and not just everything we’ve seen tweaked.


I will say, just because playing the campaign on Inconceivable this weekend is still fresh in my mind, that a lot of enemies were changed quite a bit in their effectiveness in PvE. (This doesn’t relate to whether there are enough bosses, but rather, the current discussion about the quality of bosses.)

In the campaign, Carriers were actually kinda ■■■■■■■ terrifying. Without fabrications and class powers, actually downing them took awhile, and they consistently move forward, pushing you back, while their projectiles can kill you in one hit. I found the same sort of “wait, this is actually hard?” feeling with other enemies too, like Rejects and even Leeches.

Over the course of constant updates to PvE, some enemies have been changed from their initial intention, whether that’s through power scaling as classes and tactics got better or dumbing down intentionally to fit the niche of “smaller enemy”.


I think campaigns presentation of bosses is really good. Environment and resource wise it all comes together really nice and makes for some interesting fights… If all Gears games were on PC I’d play the campaigns in order for sure.


In the Campaign, Grenadiers are also alot more terrifying. They shoot way faster than PvE grenadiers so it makes it hard to close the cap in between their shots to get a melee combo on them.


Rejects and especially Leeches were honestly obnoxious in campaign. Suicide explosions that are ridiculously hard to avoid and Leeches like to Swarm you and are two fast and lethality to deal with that many at once.


After playing Gears 5 PvE modes I absolutely now detest the old school Grenediers. Being able to bait their shot for an opening to attack, while their helmets and overall higher durability as a low tier slow pushing enemy is way better IMO. I hope that transfers to the next game as the default.

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The Rejects very small explosion when they die could kill you even on Insane lol

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