PvE Balance (Wishes and/or Suggestions) For OP6

• Horde: The biggest problem with Horde and PvE in general is the inability to separate the difficulty of the modifiers as if it could be done in Gears of War 3. This transforms an already painful experience into a painful and unrealistic experience, there are many modifiers that completely change the gameplay rendering useless some cards/abilities of various classes such as “Rules of Execution”. They should adopt the Gears 3 system and the modifiers can be chosen at will and only serve to multiply the profile and class experience without affecting the probabilities of the cards.

• Horde Frenzy: It is very poorly balanced for how short it is. Each Boss Wave passed should give 2 cards as a reward and not 1 as it currently does. The equivalency is the same as in the Horde of 50, but in the Frenzy Boss Waves you face 2 simultaneous bosses (and they can respawn inmediatly after die, funny…) which usually results in almost unlimited retries or the total destruction of your base and later abandonment of the game if you choose a engineer class.

• Escape: It’s about time they brought Jack out for this mode, it would be really fun and would make it more rewarding to use this character/class. In horde it is impossible to use when the team is 2 players and in all rooms they always throw the Forge in your face even if you are an Attack Jack aka “Shingeki no Jack” (based on enemy possession). PD: You can´t forge weapons fi you lose your invisibility after take a weapon from the ground (That logic).

• Enemy Melee: In the previous games of the saga the physical blows of the enemies only fulfilled the function of hindering and destabilizing the player, even the enemies based on physical attacks (Wretch, Butcher, etc.) did not immediately kill someone in high difficulties with one blow. But in Gears 5 the typical punch was transformed into the ultimate weapon of mass destruction, considering extreme damage that even the Master Swordsman can take and a hitbox so rude that an elite drone can take out 2 or 3 players with one hit. There are many games in which there is the ridiculous fact that a drone runs half the stage only to directly hit the player, ignoring that they have a firearm in their hands.
They should drastically reduce the damage that these hits do, since the idea of a shooter is for the enemy to shoot and not run a marathon to become One Punch Man.

• Energy System: Going back to the Gears of War 4 energy system, 30 seconds is a very short time to collect energy from the field before it is reduced to 50%.

• General: Change the damage and health values from enemies according to the number of players in the game. Enemy stats currently make it impossible for 1 player to beat in Master without doing a prodigious combination of Map and Class. With 2 players the experience does not improve much, transforming into an infinite cycle of retries in Inconceivable or something unattainable in Master.
They must pose a challenge according to the number of players that can be enjoyed, in its current state the game forces you to find 4 people to have the complete team. This is very bad if we take into account that it is impossible to find people without Asperger on the Xbox Live, one communicates with the creators of the publications to set up groups and they never answer, at least I have not developed telepathy yet …

• Modifiers: Change the Regeneration modifier to Aggressive Enemies so the horde can be overcome with non-bleed classes.
Modify the Horde’s Ironman so that the game doesn’t end due to a miserable mistake (dying is very easy with the damage of the enemies) the new effect will that whoever dies in one wave cannot reappear until the next and if everyone dies they are can continue from that wave restarting it. Horde mode is too long to restart for any mistake.

II-PvE Swarm Units:
• Leech: Much damage for the amount in which they come out and how self-directed they are.
• Juvies: Absurd melee power and speed relative to the amount they spawn.
• Scion: Don´t need to cool down or reload your weapon either in escape or in horde, but this animation is present in the campaign. Create difficulty artificially.
• Elite Drone: Too cunning and nimble for the damage he wields, he can spend as long as he wants in cover while firing without claw jamming or reloading, only moving forward if he feels the need to punch. This enemy deals inconsistent damage for the amount that horde and escape, he becomes the main stop stone in boss waves for his damage and his hitbox.
• Trampler: Same problem as the Scion and worse because the triple barrel is far superior to almost all weapons in power and accuracy.
• Bastion: Extremely high maneuverability and speed, the range of its protection shield is also excessive. It can embed itself in the walls or go off the map to evade the shots.
• Wakatu: It is 100% accurate in flying mode which is inconsistent with the area-damaging projectiles it launches. Never in the history of video games, whatever the genre, an attack with area damage has been 100% accurate. I’ve played hundreds of titles in my life and those attacks have never been precise and instant death at the same time.
• Swarmak: It enters through places where it is physically impossible for it to enter.

III- Classes, Cards, Perks and Equipment:
A) Promotional Classes: It is incredible that the promotional classes having been DLC (very expensive) have so few cards as they are useless. The only decent one is the protector but it is still very poor in options. Below I will list each class with its main flaws and some options to make them more fun and viable to use:
• Striker: It is a melee class that does not have enough damage or defense that allows it to fulfill its role, nor does it start with a vital weapon for its performance such as the Breaker Mace. As for the horde perks they should change the Response Boost for General Damage, in long games it lags far behind the companions and already has too many things related to the cooldown of its ultimate (passive, card, perk). While the cards that would make him perform better in both modes of PvE would be:
-Short-range deviation
-Vampirism: Absorb the bleeding damage inflicted on the enemy as health (invented by me)

• Architect: It is not as efficient as the mechanic, but not as powerful as the Robotics Expert. This makes him the worst engineer in the game. Helpful letters to add:

  • Sentinels have a chance to drop ammo for casualties. (GoW4 Skill Card)
    -Armored Shot: the regenerative field makes it much more effective than for the nomad.
    -Custom robotics.
    These skills would give him a differentiating touch from the rest of the existing engineers. It would also be important to greatly reduce the cooldown of your ultimate because its use is very punctual, matching it to the gunner’s reflective shield.

• Slugger: This class is interesting, but its ultimate has an issue where it doesn’t allow critical damage to be dealt while active. This is the same as reducing the damage for people who take advantage of the enemy’s weak points, please correct this which becomes a bad joke against Wardens. As for horde perks they should change the response impulse for Damage Reduction and the Damage with Shotguns for General Damage, he already has too many things related to the cooldown of his ultimate and shotguns (passive,legendary card, perk). While the cards that would make him perform better in both modes of PvE would be:

  • Grenades reprovision (GoW4 Skill Card)
    -Short-range deviation
    -Powered Sprint (Health per energy collected)
    -Aptitude with Gnasher
    -Efficient executioner
    -A new legendary that will increase the damage for successive hits while the ultimate is active.

• Protector: He is the one who performs better on high difficulties, but it does not mean that he has enough useful skills. Helpful card options would be:
-Armored Shot: the regenerative field makes it much more effective than for the nomad.
-A card that allows you to shoot from inside the bubble shield, to make it a more aggressive ultimate.
-Some defense increase of those that already exist.

B) Normal Classes:

  • Combat Medic: He has firepower and many damage reductions, but he can’t keep up shooting and he runs out of ammo fast. Two solutions for this:
    -Add Efficient Executioner card to take advantage of the Lancer’s potential.
    -Change perk of horde Critical Damage for Ammo Regeneration.

  • Nomad: Expected fixes:
    -Fix the escape bug where enemies run with the player towards the exit of the hive while they are terrified, this makes the ultimate detrimental at the end of the game.
    -Change perk of Damage with Precision Rifles by Damage Reduction or General Damage.

  • Blademaster: Add Powered Sprint card to perform better as an energy collector.

C) Perks: All classes that have ammo capacity as perk, should affect ammo pickups by the same percentage of ability (weapons and boxes).

D) Cards: The main problems with the skill cards and/or recommendations are listed below:
-The most important thing: Is imperative that one of the rewards for upgrade a class to level 20 is to unlock an extra slot for a skill card (sixth slot), this would allow us to better face the unfair difficulty by making more consistent and powerful combinations of skills. The current level 20 reward is a joke (and ugly) for players who don’t care about Competitive Matchmaking.

-When you improve a card/ability to level 6 it can continue to appear infinitely in the prize draw, but this does not make sense and it only seems a strategy to keep you playing forever relying on chance. They could transform those duplicates into gold or just erase the skill from the draw.

-Cards at level 6 should considerably increase the bonus compared to level 5 in relation to the duplicates needed or add an additional effect.

-The defense cards should reach 40% instead of 32%, the latter is a very illogical number and is insufficient in practice.

-Defense cards or other advantages related to synergy between classes should not have a distance limit, only require that the complementary class be in the game.

-Adding the Powered Sprint card to all classes that rely on short-range attacks (strikes, shotguns, etc.) making energy collection more viable. It cannot be collected in the stipulated time with Regeneration Sanction, more if you are the target of several enemies.

E) Equipment: It is important that if a class has a card that empowers a weapon, this class can appear with that weapon without having to buy it. It’s ridiculous to have to buy a weapon for 4000 energy every time you die in Delusion of the Horde if this mode gives very little energy. The best way to control the unlimited reproduction of weapons is by preventing the player from committing suicide (as simple as it is read) as the goal has been since the game’s launch. If someone wants a duplicate of their weapon they should buy it, that should be the role of the manufacturer. Example of classes affected by this is the Striker and the Shatter Mace that can break when shot with it equipped.

IV- Weapons:
• Lancer GL: This weapon has the wonderful quality of totally unbalancing the game in favor of the players to the point that only the tactician and demolitions do all the work of bombarding the enemies at their spawn point even on Master difficulty. This means that the 3 remaining members of the team can only make miserable assists and be there waiting for the awards. Usually I like to use less powerful but more fun classes which makes it suffer much more when you do not have the gods of mass bombardment.
The weapon needs a total rebalancing to avoid this absurdity of “gameplay” in which everyone watches as the demolitions incessantly bombards an area next to the tactician, while the latter makes the missiles infinite with the ultimate. Viable solutions for the weapon would be to make the missile time-cool and not launch one after the other. The other solution would be to rework the missile launcher that does not fit with the rest of the weapons in the saga and is wonderfully technological being a portable mortar, even in Halo there isn’t such a supreme weapon and that it is a futuristic saga.

• Enforcer: Improve the economy of bullets by increasing the ammunition by collecting weapons and boxes from the map. Increase to 320 bullets per each box (from 80) and 220 bullets per each weapon (from 30)…

All claims and recommendations made in this post are the result of more than a year of incessant gaming in which I have experienced every Operation of the game (since launch I play it almost daily). I hope the feedback is useful to improve PvE coming from someone who usually plays only in Inconceivable or Master. Watching the previews of Operation 6 (which is clearly oriented to Matchmaking) I can only leave the game until they fix these errors and imbalances. It is not about the user having to win easily, it is about providing a balanced experience between challenge and satisfaction to the public, in its current state the game is a torture machine for sado-masochists.

OP6 starts tomorrow and patch notes will be up in a few hours. Little late for suggestions.