Put grappling hooks for players in Gears 6

The grappling hook is the one game mechanic that has never made a game worse for its presence. It’s high time the Gears franchise smartened up and took advantage!

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Don’t be so ridiculous.

Hoverboots! Hoverboots is where it’s at! TC should add them and watch the whole Versus experience flourish!

I remember back in the day when 80’s cartoons and movies promised us jetpacks, hoverboards and flying cars by the 21st century, but time makes fools of us all…


It doesnt suit the way Gears is played. If anything i think it should have a battle royale mode in order to compete with other titles.

Haha indeed. Back to the Future 2 was the biggest culprit for this. I’m still waiting on my trainers that automatically tie their laces, an automatic dog-walking leash, a Black and Decker machine that cooks food instantly and holograms in place of billboards.

I’m sure there’s a few more but you see what I’m getting at :joy:.

I feel like jetpacks have been long overdue :triumph:


Me making my big play as they climb up with my chainsaw ready

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This concept art from 1 or 2?

I’m not entirely sure. I found it on Parasidian’s twitter:

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Ok hear me out…

Elite DB units who have Jetpacks attached to them and wield Lancer GLs.


That actually sounds super sick :sunglasses:

What about custom-made LMG’s? :thinking: We don’t have enough of that in the games, right?

DR-1s have this air thrusting movement on them anyways so I dont think it’s a reach for some DBs to have that technology on them.

I’d welcome a COG LMG anyday. In the comics the UIR used a LMG as their main weapon so maybe Baird and Paduk collaborate on it and make a MK II version of it?

Or the MK I works too lol.


So Sentinels and Guardians but with legs for no reason?

They dont have to solely fly, they could just walk and run too like normal DBs?

Or is that not a good reason for you?

What’s the point if we already have DR1 and flying units?

And idk if you never noticed but flying enemies are cancer no matter what game, so the less flying enemies the better.

Because it sounded good in my head, them pulling a Overwatch Pharah sounds awesome.

I dont mind them personally.

bad opinion


My opinion>>> your opinion