Put back horde mania

I’ve been waiting for horde mania to be available and now we have feral horde PLEASE

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Where have you been in the the last month? Horde Mania returned from July 23rd all the way till August 13th. It was originally going to end on the 3rd but TC extended it.

I dont think we going to see Horde Mania again for a little while.

Where was I? Unfortunately I was at work wherein I have shifts that cannot allow me to play. now that I have four days off there is nothing else than playing another game: (

do you work on a boat in the middle of the ocean? im just curious how you would not be able to play an event that lasted a month, and none the less the only one your concrned about.

I have irregular hours therefore cannot afford the luxury to play during this time frame. However I do not work on a boat but at borders :slight_smile:
take care

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Dont think its going come back for a little while bud, perhaps give the current horde variant a try?

well wish things could of worked out better for you.:slightly_smiling_face: but definitely keep up the good work at the boarder​:+1: