Put back Hammerburst as a start up gun?

I was not against the decision to remove it from a start up, especially in rank. But right now it does seem to be a problem for the achievement. Not only its not on every map but what is really annoying is that there is not a single map where it stay for the full 2 rounds.

In rank peoples are usually as good as you (thats the concept of the ranking system) so can’t fool around too much, i try to take it up but i don’t want to handicap my team being just a rifle abuser.

In Social you have a 50/50 chance that its something else, since its only 1 round, not to mention KOTH is not guarenteed (seem to be the only mode i have luck doing this, as everything dies too fast in other modes)

And finally in BOT VS its doable but its annoying to have to go hunting a map that has it, then gotta hope the peoples don’t run for it AND help when they don’t heavy cap either.

I just wish we could start up with it just like the lancer at least in social modes.

I didn’t have a problem with the Hammerburst, what I had a problem with was that useful pick up weapons were replaced with what should be a load out weapon. Really screwed up the flow on several maps, esp where it replaced Boltok.

Co-op versus AI is your friend.

They better bring back the Retro as a load out weapon. Maybe nerf it a little, but man - that was my favorite back in GoW3.

I wouldn’t mind them bringing it back, used to be my fave too, but they would definitely have to tone it down. It’s ridiculous how much damage that weapon puts on in Gears 4.

It should return full time. Oh how I miss the Gears 3 Hammerburst…such slaughter.

I hope that it returns as a starter loadout weapon in Gears 5 and TC can learn how to balance weapons instead of just removing it altogether

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Semi Auto Hammy as Starting Loadout, would be dream.

Yes Co-op AI is my friend, i know, but im done with almost every guns, only have 1 shot of Dropshot and some boomshot left, those i can do normally while playing. Its just bother me having to waste my time in bot games.

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This is something I’m in support all.

I would love to have the HB back.

I mean, the enforcer is an option and only reason it’s not removed is because no one uses it.