Put a "RANK limit" on the "opponents" / "Allies" you face on ranked

Put a “RANK limit” on the “opponents” / “Allies” you face on ranked.

You can’t continue allowing a Bronze friend be paired with a “Diamond” or “Master” player. This make us feel you do not take seriously the Ranking-System.

You need put order on your Ranking like this:

  • Bronze & Silver. You never allow a bronze fight vs a gold-player
  • Silver & Gold
  • Gold & Onyx
  • Onyx & Diamond
  • Diamond & Master

So if your buddy is ONYX but you are silver “Sorry” you can’t play with him. If you set your console as "main-console you are allowed to have many profiles.

So use one profile to play “alone” and one profile to play with "friends.

Matchmaking can already be slow. Implementing your suggested system would not do it any favours.

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More restrictions to an already divided and sparse player base?

Even though it was fun last night imo a match we had should never have been allowed. I finally realized how small the player base was. We ran across Powez, hive Chase, prasied,xplosive, I forgot there fifth but he was also a top pro. The population just isn’t there to support what op is saying.

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What the hell are you on about, i literally have 5 ping every game i play and i’ve been Masters every season.

Restrict this games matchmaking anymore and it’s literally impossible to find a game outside the U.S

Proved my point … Game is so bad they have to make it unplayable on top of it by forcing you to play with poor 3rd world countries

Yeah you’re a complete clown, no interest arguing with you as you’re too stupid to realise your own ignorance.

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Most of those players with high ping live where the internet is built out of multiple systems working together to get the data where it needs to go. Those players pay anywhere from $40 to $100 a month to use the same service as players in the major cities that get high speed fiber for less than $30.

The problems we have would be solved by letting people pick thier prefered server then restrict being able to join a server if the your ping is higher than 100ms. This will require actually getting Microsoft to put up more servers.

You wont be able to find a match cuz this game is trash
Thats why the population is so low An they cant region lock it … Cant wait til u run into a 3 man master unit an you have bronze on ur team… Im on there team so whats that sayin about this game

The fact you have to tell them to put a rank limit is laughable …

Looks like u got lucky.

It doesn’t matter bro literally next match is trash cans every other match …
So you lose all progression

Ugh, what terrible names! You shouldn’t have had to suffer seeing them.


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Myself i prefer wait 3-5 minutes Bronze to Gold then 7 minutes on Onyx + but have a playable match.

yeah, that is kind of ridiculous. . bronze, and gold playing 3 masters , diamond and onyx. Ugh. poor guys.

I can’t see opponents rank unfortunately. So I have no idea who I’m playing.

Until this is fixed this game is unplayable… You are wastin youre time … 5 randoms that are lower level facin a 5 stack of 2 Masters a d3 (basically master)

Masters facin onyx1s(anybody can be a onyx1) an a d1
im not even supposed to be onyx i keep spirilin from deranks …
let me guess i should enjoy stomps… lmao fk this game
im not a master(never rewarded) so why am i facin them…
Atleast in operation 2 before the 0pt update the game was actually workin…
My skill shouldnt be based on if my team knows how to play

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