Push over bosses in nexus siege

“Ok ya. Faith. Got it.”


I hate that I cant remember this quote.

Is this a Baird quote?

I think another thing to remember, is that this isn’t conventional Horde.

There’s no fabricator and no fortifications. We cannot buy weapons. There are no equivalents of big boy enemies like Scions or DR1’s. There are no flying enemies. We have no perks. Our access to weapons is limited to starter weapons and those dropped by enemies.

So this mode needs to be balanced completely differently. I think all things considering TC have done alright. There’s a bit of a lack of variety in some ways but TC did fine given the parameters they had to work within.

But if you compare say, Wardens to some of these enemies, they can be killed pretty easily as well - depending on difficulty and level of skill cards a Marksman can pop them in a couple of active headshots. Even Snatchers are pretty easy, and Carriers aren’t exactly a big threat as they’re so slow - they’re just big bullet sponges.

Also I suspect TC wanted to make this mode viable for as many classes as possible so they probably didn’t want to over-do things with the bosses, which come every other wave.

It is. End of Gears 3 when Cole tells him to have faith in Marcus’s dad.

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“Wow cool!”

not sure what you expected here. the idea is great but you don’t have the full force of the development team behind Gears 5 anymore.

this is why we’re seeing stuff done within the confines of what’s already there. Control is a tweaked KOTH, Nexus is MP skins with MP weapons wrapped in a PvE event.

are you expecting Skorge to jump around with a Dual Chainsaw Staff? or Queen Myrrah riding a Tempest?

I would give @TC_MichaelAOS some credit here. he did a lot with what was available.


I would hope TC would experiment in 5 at this point, try some new things out and if they are good ideas, then they should be in 6. so like you said with the lack of “full force” they are simply testing the waters (its super obvious weve been asking this for awhile) to see how these old enemies would work and from what ive seen, they do work. now if they were to add the other half of old locust enemies we are missing, and if these old baddies actually had some of their signature weapons/vehicles then we would be in trouble. but im certain the dev team want to give us those type of boss battles in 6.

control is a good idea and i hope to see it in 6, as for exe 2.0 i like it. i hope exe makes a return but i wouldnt mind if classic exe became a quickplay event while 2.0 became the new ranked version of it.

So the “bosses” are just oversized Drones with an inflated health-pool? Curious why they didn’t give each boss a certain immunity to weapon-types to make things a little more interesting.


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it’s also not Gears of War. all these Locust enemies we love aren’t in the universe anymore and when we see neat events like this our expectations skyrocket into unobtainable heights.

basing these bosses off of the Campaign encounters really brings out the creative bug. Skorge with a Chainsaw Staff, Queen Myrrah and a Tempest, Raam with swarming Kryll, Karn on the spider thing (Shibboleth)

we need another prequel of something. Bring back the Locust


14 years of content are at TCs fingertips, and some old characters they could use if they didnt want to create new characters lol.
(id prefer new characters but i wouldnt like seeing Marcus or Dom return in a prequel, id rather have them being a reference like Judgement with Omega Squad)

and we’ve been asking for a game based on the Locust since Gears 3.

a dlc? sure but a story and possible multi modes would be tricky.

strictly campaign could work but like I said, its gotta sell too yk?

Yeah, I’m with you there.

Seeing a clan of 3 all use Infiltrator to steam roll through enemies and Karn (dude died in like three seconds) like nothing definitely ruined my initial experience. Quit by wave 3 out of sheer boredom, and well, seeing my Locust done dirty like that ;(

The difficulty isnt really there, but as a novelty and throwback kind of thing, its bloody fantastic. 100% appreciate the time and effort TC put into it. Now we can just hope the Locust make their way into regular Horde =D



Let the AI see how fun the old Aggressive Enemies mosh pit is


We call it Nexus Siege. The Locust call it Boss Rush.

Single best thing about Gears 5 PvE, along with the addition of Flashbangs.

This whole games is garbage. I can’t stand playing just 10 minutes of it. The pvp is brainless. Gib range makes it intolerable. Horde is boring too.

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This made my day, they went the extra step.


Makes me happy that I’ll hear Dom say “one dead grub” more often :slight_smile:

Raam is missing his bats.