Push over bosses in nexus siege

Everyone just rushes them and gangs up on them and they can’t do anything (seen this happen on both advanced and even inconceivable)

Makes me appreciate the carriers and snatchers that will destroy you if you get too close

Jermad only has a sniper, myrrah only has a bolton…it’s a joke

They are nothing more than a novelty act


They’re even more of a joke if you have a Jack that can perma-stun them (except Skorge)

The only threat this game mode seems to offer is the ridiculous damage of Scorchers. and massive AoE of frags. You have to be incredibly stupid to get close to a Lancer or run out in the open against Jermad and get oneshot.

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Those are only a reskin of a generic infantry enemy. Nothing special. The event is also boring.


I agree it is boring

Makes me want to actually go back and play horde in gears 2 and 3 and relive the good ol days

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Jermad has a Gnasher as well which he sometimes pulls out. But yeah, some classes can turn them into total push-overs. They’re kinda like glorified bullet sponges really - hit them enough and they’ll eventually go down. Infiltrator makes them all easy work - flashbang them to stun them, shotgun them a couple of times at close range to cause bleed, and then use cloak and shoot them again. If they’re still standing just keep shooting them.

I think to call this mode a novelty act is unfair. It’s easily the best Horde event we’ve had in my opinion and has much more depth. It needs some tweaking and additions to realise its full potential, but I hope TC will use this as inspiration and as building blocks for something bigger and better in GOW6.


I enjoyed it and appreciate it as the first step on getting them into the game proper. Carriers and Snatchers where near useless when I started playing in OP3. No threat what so ever and barely pushed up at all.

I just see this as work for the bigger picture and I’d rather they take those steps now than in Gears 6.

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Normal horde bosses Carrier will grab you if you get too close, so will Matriarch, Snatcher pounds down on you to knock you down and then will run off with you, Swarmak will just shoot you until your dead and walk through walls to do it. Warden having the Mace normally indicates not to get close plus noticed he insta kills pretty quick now as well. So normal bosses are hard.

I did find that the enemies felt like just any other enemy with a bunch more health and a new name.

Doesnt scream boss enemy to me. I do think they will be reasonable mini bosses but proper bosses they need to bring in proper locust and lambant bosses.

Like Corsper, Reaver, Lambant Beserker or Gunker


Just give us gears 2 and 3 remaster like gears of war 1 at this point…I mean everybody is doing remasters nowadays

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Agree, but lets be honest here. If they ramped them up on day one the forum would be screaming murder if Raam tore them apart like an elite drone on steroids with a mulcher. This is the first pass and I’m sure not the finished product.

The PVE have showed us time and time again on horde that they can get the game to a nice balance and continually tweak the classes to the point they are just about all viable.

I have faith.


The bosses are a novelty act not the game mode itself

I enjoyed fighting the locust…reminded me of gears 2 horde

It would be popular for about 4 weeks for a small selection of the gaming public. They would play through the campaign and enjoy it, try pvp and remember they didn’t like playing a shotgun game and move onto the next game on gamepass.

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Won’t they just get rid of this after a couple weeks and forget about it

I mean if they want to make it a permanent thing we would have had horde classic as a playable option

its literally the first time weve had locust bosses like this. I think people are reading too much into this as the “final product”. like you said, have some faith. I do and im certain we will see upgraded versions of these bosses in 6.


I agree it could do with improvement but maybe they are testing it seeing if its works if people like it and then maybe that will determine whether it says in horde and they make changes. But mini bosses for the characters they chosen would not be too bad.

I highly doubt they are putting in this work without a view to the future. Killing two birds with one stone, using Gears 5 to get ready for Gears 6 while making us PVE players happy with this content. I’m very happy with the game right now.


with gears 5 nearing its end, it would be wise for TC to experiment and get all of their “ideas” out so we as the playerbase can decide if its worth keeping in the future. I see very few actual issues with pve but pvp issues that span across the world.
The future of horde in 6 should be expanding on harder bosses and more enemy types. 5s crowing achievement is the amount of classes we have and the different playstyles they offer.


And Escape will forever be a cult classic. I expect the majority of the fanbase will be indifferent, but it’s got a hardcore following and I think it’s bought alot to PVE.

I also think the new melee mechanics is one of the finest additions.


I had a team try to rush down bosses only to get floored by the palace guards with their bot aim. Certain classes definitely makes this event a cake walk and seeing people literally rushing thru the enemies kinda soiled the nostalgia trip I was having, wish the event was available in private lobbies.

So glad to know that some of the COG characters have the appropriate voice call outs for the locust when you spot them.

agreed, i love it and its also another achievement for 5.

oh its great, its fluid and its still satisfying to me.

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Something to keep in mind with the new villains:

I would hope and believe that Nexus Siege is a way of testing new enemies before implementation into normal Horde modes or a permanent, new variant.

If the new villains seem weak, imagine fighting them when they spawn in on classic boss waves, supplementing a Swarmak or Snatcher, etc.

Either way, it’s safe to assume Michael and company are taking notes of player feedback. It’s new content and will need tweaking just like anything else.