Purple classes are garbage

Seriously TC just make their skill cards, perks and ultimates better. The Slugger class is beyond a joke.

Either that or get rid of them entirely. Seriously. Nobody really picks these classes on later difficulties, their performance like damage or support to the team is practically nil.

If I was a developer I would even add a “disable purple classes” checkbox when you start your game session. It’s that bad.

Now if you are on an easy difficulty on Horde… I would never play with purple classes on Escape… then it’s forgivable. But people do quit based on the classes in the match.

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It’s not that simple because there’s Heroic Venom Overkill, Breaker Mace, Talon and Snub tied to them.


Yeah they need more cards. It’s a joke what they are right now.

I like Architects ultimate tho.


They’re purposely made weak because when they were originally released, you had to pay to own them, and God forbid Emile/Grace/etc had OP cards, the amount of whining and crying about “Pay To Win” on the forums and social media would have been embarrassing.


Emiles Big Knife isn’t even working properly at Lv6. Should be 130% but stays at Lv5s 100%. Last time I opened a thread for that it got closed shortly afterwards. Guess TC doesn’t have an ANY interest in giving them attention.

This also brings up the question how many of the Lv6-upgrades for the Promo-classes are even working. With Melee-damage it’s easy to notice but with most cards it would probably be hard to even notice the difference.

Funfact- for some reason they gave Kat a Stim-capacity card but the golden card that says something along the lines of “stim every 4(?) seconds when undamaged” kicks in ONCE no matter how long you take no damage. You could sit in front of a stim-box in a supply-room for 5 minutes and your capacity won’t max out.

Same as Emile the amount of stimyou recieve is pitiful. It’s not even enough to tank 1 HB-burst on master.


Yet Emile was the meta until Lahni recieved her Venom Blade iirc.

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Very true,

I still wish they would add a make your own Gear class that could have whatever you wanted.

For obvious reasons this would have be on some sort of testing server, like Vermintide 2.

But it would make for some great content.

Good playing with you the other day also.


Yeah aside from how fast the ability recharges, the stim is not great lol

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The Protector isn’t bad in Escape, it can be quite useful on certain hives like The Hunters. Has a good ultimate as well. The Protector is underrated.

I would mostly agree though, the promo classes are weak and even on hives and modifier sets they should be good on, there is always a better alternative class.

I want TC to add more cards and rework their passives but it probably won’t happen.


So let me see here… Inner Fire, and Enhanced Stim along with probably Helpful Headshots I guess which should put me at 95% damage resistance whenever I have Stim and the Ultimate ready, paired that with hmm… Bloody Shot I assume and the last card just a damage buff card for whatever weapon I feel like using (probably Custom Boomshot or Exploit Weakness or something like it). My Ultimate would most likely be the one from Combat Medic (basically for worst case scenario if everybody is down). Oh yeah, and one of the perk would be damage resistance so I only have to buy the first level to put me at 100%+ overall damage resistance. The others probably being even more Critical Damage, generally more damage and maybe more ammo capacity. Something like that. :slight_smile: Sounds balanced to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: Slugger really shines on Master if you’re doing a no skill-cards run but that’s mostly about it. I believe Striker isn’t too bad once the perks are upgrades but still nothing near the other classes. Architect obviously is trash and Protector is somewhat alright in certain Escape hives.

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Many users proposed several good changes to these clases, here are mine and are very simply to implement, no need of brand new cards, even they can just recycle the current ones from other classes.


  • Legendary card same damage as All The Glory
  • First Strike 130% damage on you first hit, It also increases bleed damage if applies.
  • Melee recharge also counts balistic damage
  • Blunt Instrument add 43% damage resistance and 100% melee bleed damage
  • Stim Siphon 200% stim for each melee hit, which means your health also will be restored as Infiltrator Reaper card that restores your health when you kill and receives stim
  • Passive Double melee damage and 50% extra balistic damage, 30% damage resistance and 50% health regeneration faster
  • Its ultimate has a chain effect as Blademaster Shock Chain Card, meaning the rest of enemies will take damage


  • Regenerative Field Up to 280% stim each 4.5 Seconds
  • Passive 100% Extra damage with melee or any weapon, 75% damage resistance and 80% Balistic weapons Bleed Damage or simply a 150% bleed damage with Markza purple card (lvl 6)
  • ammo regeneration perk


  • Regenerative Field Up to 280% stim each 4.5 Seconds
  • Passive 100% Extra damage with melee or any weapon, 75% damage resistance and 80% Balistic weapons Bleed Damage or 150% Bleed dagame with Embar purple card (lvl 6)
  • Precision repair passive
  • Escape: Passive 50% ammo regen for all team (also applies with the other engineer class instead of 10% locker recharge)
  • Critical damage perk as Robotic Expert
  • 200% more hologram duration

Note: Both Protector and Architect supposed to be stronger, as they are SPARTANS, superhumans, therefore their damage and resistance must be similar to their counterparts on the original Halo games.


  • Legendary card 80% bleed damage with balistic weapons and 50% chance of stun a enemy during 11 seconds, 32% damage resistance
  • Damage perk instead shotgun damage perk
  • Passive 30% Damage resistance and 30% more while holding a heavy weapon
  • Modified grenade 150% extra damage, radious and double duration of shock, incendiary and stun grenades
  • Gambit card
  • Double Ultimate duration

Adjusting the percentages of some cards will be enough to not being too “overpowered”


I think the chances of improvements of the promotional classes are totally dead. In that PvE webcast with Micheal a few months ago- when Dana put the question to him about more work going into them - The look on Micheals face was one of disgust and disdain.


So you mean just straight up 43% damage resistance while holding a Mace in hand or while swinging it? Or just in general 43% damage resistance?

Because paired with this one, she’ll be at a flat 73% damage resistance which is a lot (if it’s straight up 43% damage resistance by just equipping the card, if it’s by holding the Mace, then that’s another story).

Also your suggestions make her almost identical to Blademaster which I don’t like. I rather want her to be more unique with the Mace itself instead of generally outputting more damage with any melee like Blademaster.

In regards to Protector and Architect, their passives should regenerate health quicker and also generate Stim if they remain undamaged. Not in an instant but basically functioning the same way as in Halo. Damage resistance should be put away because afaik, the guns in Gears are all loaded with quite some heavy caliber, therefore actually supposed to deal quite some heavy damage. The shield (Stim) is there to protect them.

For the Protector, the bubble should receive unique effects with cards like ricocheting bullets, healing allies inside, blinding enemies inside, damaging enemies inside, depending on which cards you have equipped.

Architect should stay an engineer class (again away with the damage resistance). The hologram should attract enemies much more, it should also either fire at them, blow them up, lure them over or something else (depending on which cards you have equipped).

Na, it should rather stay with only stunning during the Ultimate (but actually stunning anything - including bosses). Enemies that are stunned should receive up to 50% more damage or something via the gold card (similar to have Jack zapping enemies with its Passive).

Why always damage resistance… I’d rather go with something like stunned units that are killed (this includes flashing with flashbangs for instance) recharges the Ultimate when it’s not in use. Doesn’t matter who kills the stunned unit.

The damage and radius and duration (not for frags) should apply to any grenade. Frag is for herself, shock sorta stuns them, flash completely stuns them, flame helps the Brawler. Good overall support card.

That’s what I would rather lean towards when modifying the classes.

I don’t mind if results on carbon copies of existing classes and who cares if at the end are similar or too powerful? And I disagree with you on everything.

Why even make a new class if it’s almost the same? Could have just stayed with the skin or removed the classes then.
Horde is easy enough on Master with almost any class you take in there. Even if it’s a bullet-sponge-festival it shouldn’t be the case to be too easy. Boss-Rush is a good example of how it should be. Actually tricky even if you’re skilled and take powerful classes in there. When in a game there exists 8 difficulties and even the last one has a huge success rate, then something was misunderstood what 8 difficulties are supposed to be like. The last one should require high level classes and skill to complete.
I will never understand why the people who can’t deal with higher difficulties just can’t resort back to choose lower difficulties but instead have to complain about it being too hard. It’s the eight difficulty god damn it, it’s supposed to be hard.

I find The Slugger the best out of the four as a grenade lobber and heavy gunner.


Agree Protector, I actually find somewhat enjoyable, he’s just so squishy compared to the other melee classes.

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They really should buff them. There’s no reason they have to suck, and with the class-character split it’s a really bad look to have nearly 1/4th of the playable classes intentionally designed to be bad.

Me and @SMARTAN_427 spent like a whole month discussing ideas for these classes, which we posted here on the forums some time ago. Many of these ideas ome from other games, such as Destiny or Mass Effect, and there’s also some that originate from Gears 5 itself, but reworked to fit the respective class.

PVE Feedback | Promotional Classes

Although we are happy the post seems to have gotten positive reaction, the ideas didn’t really seem to get discussed much, so if someone wants to say something about them, I want to hear it.

All we want is for these classes to be useful. The foundations are there, but just about every other class does the job better than the Promotionals.

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@TC_Kilo1062 any word on possibly new cards for the promo classes? :slight_smile: