Purple Cards and how are we earning them IF at all?

Please Help
What is the best way to earn purple cards?

As far as I’m aware you get better drop rates for purple on higher difficulties of horde/escape… but I rarely play them except when challenges demands it and when I do it’s solo 100% of the time, so I don’t have patience for anything besides Beginner.

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Incon or Master. I know for Escape, legendary comes much more quicker than epic does on Master. Especially depending on which epic cards you want, could take a while to complete.


You can see the probability of each type of card dropping in the mutators/difficulty section jn the Horde or Escape lobby.

From memory you have to at least play using 2 mutators but the probability for a purple card is very low. The more mutators you use, the higher the chance of blue, purple and gold cards.

Also as an FYI in Horde you get one card for every 5 waves cleared; and in Escape you get 1 card per chapter completed (so reaching the safe room gets you one). However you get extra cards on a full completion and difficulty. I couldn’t tell you the specifics but clearing a Hive on Inconceivable gets you 4 cards; or Master mode gets you 5. There’s other variables too.

Ultimately it’s still randomised though. Playing on Master may still get you lots of common cards. The pie chart just shows probability.


Thank You for your help I appreciate it.
I’m just trying to figure out ?

for instance escape if a teammate or I dies does that effect getting a purple card? Or does finishing the hive in a certain amount of time help getting a purple card?

I have been playing escape on insane and keep getting blue or green cards after we beat the hive and it frustrates me.

No, as long as one person survives and reaches either the saferoom or the end, then that’s all that matters. It’s completely random so there are no other factors (time taken, number of kills etc) which can improve this aside from the difficulty unfortunately.

There are some variables which increase the number of cards you get like the difficulty, but what these cards are is out of our control. For example there are always 3 featured maps. You can get extra cards from playing them, however there is a 30 card limit (you’ll see these Hives have a number in the box indicating 0/30 or 30/30 or something in between). This gives you an extra 1 or 2 cards per game on top of the usual number of cards you get, but once you max out these 30 cards you’ll just get the standard number.

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What are mutators?

They determine the difficulty. There’s a mutators box in the lobby screen and there are 7 in total (I think there’s only initially 3 or 4 - you have to unlock them). They cover things like increase enemy health, increase enemy damage, ironman mode etc. As you turn mutators on the difficulty goes up.

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O that’s a mutator thank you

Play Escape map The Clock inconceivable for Gold cards and The Surge on Insane for purple cards.


You mentioned 3 featured maps???
You mean in the escape lobby? Where the past escape maps are?

It’s not gauranteed though. The difficulties only state the probability, and no gaurantee.

The Clock and The Surge on those difficulties are definitely the quickest and easiest Hives to do though.


You can find them in Custom Escape.

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Yeah leaning more to Surge at the moment, already did Clock a million times and Surge is way quicker and easier. I also got some golds from time to time on Insane Surge.

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The Surge is much quicker, but it requires much more luck on anything higher than Insane. Sometimes a stray bullet or an enemy spawning or moving in a particular place can down you or body-block your run which is annoying.

The Clock can be easily done on Inconceivable or Master but takes a bit more time but you get the extra XP and bonus master card too. If you get Reject spawns then you can run through some sections very quickly too.

I prefer to take a bit more time - you know how it is, haste makes for sloppy work!

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With a Clayton it’s so easy, in the second part just run straight, most people tend to take the right path.
With Claytons taunt and shredder card it’s so easy to run past all those drones.

Interesting. I wasn’t aware that the gold cards were more likely than purple, regardless of difficulty, but then I’ve never bothered even switching on mutators for higher than Insane!

In terms of time spent v loot gathered, I still don’t think you can go wrong with Insane speed runs on the Surge. Getting to the safe room is incredibly easy, and getting out the other end is also easy provided you don’t go down running through the second to last room. The whole run is about 5-6 minutes including all loading screens.

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The thing is, there’s only one gold card for each character (except for Cole) so if a gold card drops, then it will always be the same for that character. However characters tend to have about 4 purple cards, so if a purple card drops then the likelihood of you getting a particular one is 1 in 4 (or whatever the total number of purples is for that character). It’s very normal to completely max out a gold card but still have several purples at level 3 or 4.

My Lahni as an example, has a maxed out gold card plus 21 extras, and I’m still on level 4 for one of my purples and even one of my blues! Same as Keegan.

I haven’t played much of The Surge, but one thing about The Clock is that, gold cards will drop a ton on Master.

Last I’ve checked I’m rank 75 on The Clock on Master runs, and depending on how many purple cards your going for they’ll take forever to get all of them. Gold will come up much faster.

I actually just ran The Clock on inconceivable 4 times, and got 3 gold cards, not bad considering 2 were in a single complete run and 1 of them was when we only got half way because we died as the doors were shutting.

The clock seems harder to speed run, it doesn’t seem like you could make it without without killing anything, and it’s impossible to build up Team Revive by running, then you end up with a dozen rejects and juvies on the helipad with you. But it’s more interesting than just running Surge over and over…