Pure virtual function called while application was running error

gears 5 pc

windows 10

Its happening mid match and i have to go to task manager kill game and launch im back in game within 2 minutes and im banned and have to play quick play matches…

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Mod edit; please post in English only as per the forum rules, thank you :slight_smile:

i posted in english… anyways keeps happening even just now after title update

support please

I get this same error as well on two PC’s now but same 1070 ti


Ahhh, hahha, this is funny…(from the software development point of view).

I guess we now know for sure it is written in C++, lol…

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Hello tech support… just happened again… years of it please help

Have you tried rebooting?

lol stop it

hello tech support… please hold

Your call will be recorded for testing and quality assurance purposes…

again just now in a match sorry about language game says worse


again just right now 3:13 am 6/7 2021 these are within 5 min of eachother

and so like… that first image above in
this post… that crash literally happened as i welcomed back the 2 that disconnected from their crash and when i hit enter

after saying

i love gears
pure virtual nuisance came up again

second image i got back in the game… got a double the 3rd got me and now this



335 AM





343 AM

Method 1: You need to Clear your Drive (100%) & Reinstall Your Game. To more Safely, you can Move this Game to a 100% Clear New Drive ( D: / E: / F: etc) , which means Gears 5 this Game only.

Otherwise, you’ll keeping appearing this Problem.

It happens mostly due to Files Corrupted that “CMD/ scannow/” cannot help your Problem.

I mean the Commend in CMD knows there’re Corrupted Files in Gears 5, but they can’t FIX it.

Problem Solved.

PC Problem in Gears 5 can be easily Solved by System Restoring your Computer for 100% Clear & using the New Drive for Gaming only, but it’s very a Wasted of Time to Do This.

@TC_Sera The Game in Gears 5 is just Too Hard to Fix the Related Application Problem or Huge Error by players themselves. It should be reported to the Bugfix/Error/Programming Team by giving some Convenient Ways to Fix the PC Main Problem / Error. For example, the Losing Files in Gears 5 or the Lastest Gears5.exe to be Downloaded by players themselves in Gears of War Website.

@GhostofDelta2 The Thread is solved. Doing my solution is 100% sure for the Game that can be able to play Again.


Submit a Request for Problem Solving

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Generally that sounds as if you are running very low on RAM.
But it seems Imstifu got you covered :wink:

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Thanks for helping people out :slight_smile:

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i9 9900

32Gb ram

2x 1 tb ssds 2x 4tb HDD

there is no memory issue on my end I have more than enough to run the game…

this has been happening for years since gears 4

I just reformatted my pc and installed the game… I have 2 games installed on my pc and nothing else… just windows 10

there has to be another solution besides having to jump looks like stifu posted… that’s just crazy

Honestly ? At that point it gets complicated.
It’s probably a weird combination of hardware working together but that is bugtracking, people are paid for finding such things generally.
So yeah sorry man.
Though again if it happens for years there is probably something odd with your system.

I don’t know what exact Gears5.exe & Windows System & Steam/Microsoft happening together that you aren’t Able to Fix by yourself.

I had Application Error myself after Op 7 because I just copied the Files from C:/ to D:/, and it’s Broken after I moved it, so it confused me a lot.

So, System Restoring & Install Game from a New Completely Drive is the Only Way I guess that can solve the Problem.

Probably the Windows System & Gears5 themselves are affecting each other. I don’t know, but Gears 5 is the only Game I played by far the Most Bugged Game.

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Generally the error message is non descript, there is a virtual function being called that the system can’t find the actual function for.
That usually means that it is not loaded into memory which usually speaks for a memory issue.
It’s an error issue that is not handled why you see that message box, but the actual reason can be 4242424 things

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When you know Application Related Error in Gears 5, even the Technical Team have No Method showing Error Code on how to solve it.

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this is the end result… something is suspending the program

when i get that pure virtual bs