Purchases with Iron in Split Screen

Has anyone else experienced an issue where you are in a two player split screen lobby and Player 2 has made a purchase with Iron but the purchase is made using Player 1’s Iron and the unlock goes to Player 1?.

In this example my friend was Player 2 and they purchased a flag for use as a banner, I made sure they were using the Player 2 controller and that while they were in the Store it said their gamertag in the top right hand corner. However as Player 1, the Iron was taken from my account and the banner was given to me.

I have raised an official support query asking for an Iron refund, just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and how it was resolved?

This person had a similar problem:

I don’t know if they ever got it resolved. You can try https://support.gearsofwar.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Good luck.

I always thought player one on spilt screen was the primary account even with two separate profiles. I always had the same problem when I use to play spilt screen with my wife. Never buy shitz on spilt screen except in Black ops for some Reason what ever I purchased was unlocked for player 2 to use on spilt screen. Down fall is what ever they used or bought while in game came from my inventory. Even real money purchases.

At the moment I play almost exclusively split screen with my girlfriend and I get all the scrap, boost, double stars etc., and she gets nothing.
She has also had problems with not being able to re-up and everytime she logs in as player one the game acts like she has never played it; goes to boot camp, everything previously unlocked has exclamation marks etc. It seems like split screen has its issues…

Now that seems like a bug. Besides the issues with purchases if you both have separate profiles and x box live accounts they should unlock. I haven’t played spilt screen since Gear’s 3. So if it worked back and worked on judgement it has to be a bug. Your best bet is to contact TC on Twitter @ nodezero @octusTC @coalitionGears .

Yes, I am equally surprised and frustrated that TC has made a game with splitscreen functionality but obviously never playtests it, judging by the very obvious problems still present. My girlfriend was logged in as player two and wanted the pink camo set. She opened the store, her gamertag was in the top right corner, purchased the set and the iron was deducted from my account and the set (which I didn’t want) went to me. There are other issues as well. She can’t reup unless we quit the game and restart from her profile so she is logged in first, and we also have to quit and restart from her profile if she wants to claim login bonuses like boost or holiday stuff. All these things worked without problems in Gears 4, but they have obviously not bothered testing split screen at all in Gears 5. I have registered a support ticket for the misdirection in the store leading to an erroneous purchase on December 17th, but haven’t received a reply yet.

Thanks for the replies team, as mentioned in the original post I have submitted a support ticket. Apparently the wait time is up to 20 days, so hopefully I will hear something back from them. I will post here if I get an outcome.

I haven’t gotten a response in over what, 2months I think? :rofl:

Gl though. :grin:

That’s how the guest system works. I’m not sure if they were using different accounts.

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They were using their own account with their own earned iron, it was just on split screen with two individual accounts.