Purchased it's Jonny - but can't find him anywhere

Please help I can’t seem to locate him anywhere.

I have turned the Xbox on and off too.

Have you unlocked the cog gear totem?

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No, is that what I need to do?

Yeah because the Johnny character is just a skin, you have to unlock the cog gear character first and once you do the Johnny skin will be there.

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Wonderful, I’ll do that now. Thanks

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No problem.

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All done! Cheers

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No one tell this guy that the store explicitly tells you that you’re about to purchase a skin for a char you don’t own yet.

To be fair, the fact that The Coalition designed it this way is absolutely stupid. If you have a skin for that character you should be able to use it.

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and take away the oppurtunity to scam you for another 500 iron? Don’t think so.

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To be fair as bad as the system is there is a warning before you actually purchase a skin

At the end of the day its just a scheme to get people to buy the character instead of unlocking it

It’s still a terribly though out system and shouldn’t exist. Especially considering you can purchase a skin with real money but are unable to use it. No amount of disclaimers make this any better.

I completely agree

But instead of people reading the warning they buy it then come here to b%tch is all Im saying.

Like take the 2 seconds to read