PUNISHMENTS FOR QUITTERS NEED TO BE EXTREME OR IT WONT STOP (yes I know there have been a million of these threads

What title says. Every game im getting at least 1 quitter on the team and It is insane and should be one of TC’s top 3 main priorities to do something about them. Let’s hear what you got!


They’re working on it. It’ll be your typical lockout from MP games for x amount of time + XP debt, which essentially has the quitter gain a certain amount of XP to pay off the debt before being able to gain XP towards levelling. Not sure if they’re going to end up implementing that second one though.

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Dude in gears of war 4 I got kicked from alot of matches bc of th servers… One time I had to wait a week to play bc they thought I quitted. I never quit one game I got dropped. They need to decipher between the two bc it was bs

Quitting penalties will make no difference.


so far Iin gears 5 for me I have been kicked 3 times since release and I am getting around 80-90 ping most of the time. Not to bad But obviously still needs a lil bit of work. I even get some HUGE ping spikes ( i know it my ISP fault not gears servers) and I haven’t got kicked due to those so that’s pretty nice.

Some punishment for quitters is needed but as stated above it won’t help mutch. People will always quit for different reasons.
What really must happen is some type of rewarding system for players who STAYS in game when others quit. At least don’t make players go down in rank when they play 3vs5.

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The minute someone quits the match should be voided and xp granted only. No wins or loses and rank not effected. There also needs to be a minimum level required to enter a ranked match and hell just a dam message explaining etiquette to players don’t enter a dam match just to quit. I still can’t figure out when I still see people quit and when I go to check there profile it will say YouTube. How do you go from playing Koth to YouTube unless there mentality is like “man I’m getting rolled so bad let me quit and go watch some tips and tricks”


Capital punishment on the nearest town square. No trial, no jury but straight to execution.

Black TC uniforms with arm bands and a TC logo on the hat instead of a silver skull.

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Swap handmaids for Gears players. Praise be.

Damn, you beat me to that scenario I was just about to type that then I saw your comment. Well played sir! Lol

I’m gonna assume you meant level and not rank lol. Because it’d be impossible to get a rank without being able to enter a ranked match without a rank.

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sure there will always be quitters but with the right punishment The quitters will be cut down significantly after their first quit and make them have to wait 24 hrs before Q up again. Get em out of the way early in the day to have a good night of no quit gears ranked.

I don’t blame any player for quitting when put into an high ping server, the matchmaking is horrendous ATM


Wouldn’t be a Gears forum if there wasn’t word check.

There are you happy now LoL.

Instead they need to give us more incentive to stay in said game, they’ve tried penalties and it had a negative impact. What if there was a “reward” system in place that would stop from quitting. The idea would need to be expanded upon but I think that may be a better route to take at this point in the game.

Blame this game for the quitting. The grind is ridiculous. People are just chasing after stars to unlock everything.
“Well got my 90 elite drones killed. Catch ya later fellas.”
" That kill makes 30 for Mac, good luck boys I’m out."
" This is not the map I need. I need a win on Exhibit. Adios gang, here’s a bot to take my place."
Wash, rinse, repeat. Unless you have enough friends on to fill a room, your going to be playing with bots. Can’t blame the players on this one. Gears is just another victim of greed pushing a mind numbing grind to encourage spending. B.S. charging $10 for a skin that is already taking up space on my hard drive. Wasn’t crazy about loot boxes from 4, but at least you could eventually obtain what you wanted by just playing. These daily achievements are killing every multiplayer mode.

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lol i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again…nothing is going to stop people from quitting. You could give them a one month ban and a full rank reset and that wouldn’t stop them. If someone wants to quit they will. It sucks, but it’s the truth and i’ve come to accept that. Getting upset about it is understandable, but it won’t stop.

Just check the quitter’s gamertag. He / she already turned off the console or playing other game. Giving them 30 / 60 min penality? Useless.

Only way to stop quitting is balancing the game, which never gonna happen. One side always be supported with some advantage.

I’m all for penalties for quitters once the crashing issues have been resolved.