Punishment for quitters

I personally like Horde mode more than multiplayer because there’s hardly any skill involved with multiplayer. You just pull out your shotgun and hope for the best. With Horde though, some of us are in it 'til 50, but I can’t even start the game without everyone leaving. Please add a punishment for quitters that don’t allow them back in queue for varying times depending on amount of times quit. It’s frustrating that I can’t enjoy a game because people are free to leave as soon as they join. It makes Gears feel like a complete waste of time. We wait 2 minutes for load-in just for everyone to leave immediately. Then it takes about 5-10 games just to find an actual team. Please. Implement. Dodge. Punishments.



screenshot the lobby, report the quitters later. thats what ive been doing


I suggest you read some already created threads about this subject and post on them.

What you want is superficial and doesn’t consider reasons quitting happens.

Obviously you haven’t played against higher tiered players the. If you just “pull out your shotgun and hope for the best” you’ll lose every match. Horde is such an easy mode compared to PvP because you can use fortifications and build so many crutches if you choose to.

As for your quitting problem; stop using publi matchmaking. Use LFG and get players who want to play as a group.

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I have used nothing but LFG when playing Horde lately and it has worked perfectly. We always complete Iron Man Inconceivable without any issue. Can’t say the same for public which is a fail by Round 2 99% of the time.

Oh, yeah?

Look at the posts there, right now.

99% based on what?

My experience, obviously. But he’s obviously using matchmaking which is bound to end in higher failure rate because of a variety of reasons. When you create an LFG you’re asking for players on a specific map so it’s much more likely to finish as a random wont be like “I don’t want Forge I want Blood Drive so bye”.

If you want speedruns and listen to nerds on noisy phones for 50 waves, then yeah, lfg is the way to go.

You don’t have to do a Speed Run if you use LFG nor do they all talk on the phone. I’ve met some really cool people on LFG which is more than I can say for those in public. The reason many of the people I met use LFG was to avoid the public quitters which makes perfect sense. But whatever works for you go ahead and continue on.

Yup. Public Insane 25 indeed is fine for me.

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LFG for horde is a joke

No idea what is going wrong for you because it works for me every time I try it. It’s great and much more successful than when I try public.

I do see where @mendigo2005 and @The_Sloth_T34 are coming from on this one as regards to LFG at least from my own experience. Any time, and I mean any time, I look at LFG there are more speedruns and rarely any regular runs but at the same time if I make post about a regular run on inconceiveable I am flooded with requests to join. There are posts that can get lost in LFG due to a high number of posts, either VS or Horde or campaign, and (from what I have heard) players will most likely only look at the first 5 to 10 post out of a possible 40 as well as a lot players don’t cancel their posts when the team has been filled adding on to a continuing problem. It is off putting to head to LFG and only see speedruns but at the same time there are players aren’t out for a speedrun either waiting or posting for a regular run. I am a public player over LFg any day of the and that is for my own reasons but I have to say, even though there are the obvious downsides, I do really well on inconceivable in public horde.

As for the OP. It is impossible to punish Horde quitters because there are far too many justifiable reasons to leave horde like no scout, no engineer, 1st timers on high difficulties,the one player who just holds the fab hostage so no one can play and (a big offender in my opinion) an engineer who build sentries and hijacks the match. VS has a punishment system and from what I have seen and heard it just doesn’t work and it should but it can’t tell the difference between a quitter and someone who was disconnected. Don’t get me wrong because I am down for 50 everytime but I understand why people would leave and why a punishment system would not work even against those who just quit just so they could ruin a game or just to quit.

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I’m not into 50 anymore and surely still want Coalition to expand 25 option for all difficulties on public.

Perhaps that comes with 4.0.

I gave up on lfg. Had better results on public matchmaking, as incredible as it sounds.

Ah I new I forgot to metion the 25 horde runs lol. I like the 50s and the 25s and will mostly go for 50 but the 25 mania has a serious appeal because of the lack of time between waves.

And yes I am the same when it comes to public because I have more completed matches then I do in LFG but public is more appealing to me. Of course there are obvious downsides (sentry happy engineers) but I am rather content to stay with public. For me anyway I alway felt LFG was handy but never a needed to complete 50 wave well at least in my experience.

I had noobs responding my lfg posts. Most don’t read the tags…

It’s like white levels on public.

Mania is the way to go. Hope Coalition will have nice ideas as that on Gears 5.

Forgot to metion the noob problem. I wouldn’t mind helping a player who legit wants to learn once they put the work in but yeah the carry me to the end players is what I would mostly get in LFG.

Hopefully the 25 waves catches on because it has gotten great reception even without the the collectable skins at the end but I do still want to have the 50 waves as well.

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This is what I’m getting at; regular horde runs (lower difficulties) are almost non -existent