Punishing the good connection

I’m not generally a complainer and I’m fine with how the game plays. I actually thought gears 4 was a fun game online. That being said, I feel like gears games have always helped the players with really bad connections. They can eat shots, their movement is unpredictable. Lag compensation and such— Just curious if there was a solution to this in gears 5? Did anyone notice an improvement in the beta testing (which I did not get to play).

It’s not a game breaker to me. But it’s def not something that I’m really excited about lol

Feels worse in 5.

I only had issues in 4 if I wasn’t on home server.

That’s terrible news…but Yea tell me about it. The foreign servers are atrocious— It’s tough right now because not many ppl are playing so it’s very laggy on gears 4

This really needs more exposure and I’m shocked it’s not the number 1 thing people are upset about. It’s downright infuriating to deal with worse connections. From inputs droppings to see your ■■■■■■■ bullets pass through someone and paint the wall behind them.

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Yet I didn’t have any problems that I could notice, and that’s with being put on pretty far away servers.