Punished for being leader.. Why?

Why is it when playing guardian and u r leader that when ur tm wins that rnd u can get a negative score??
Surely if u did not die and ur tm wins u should at least get some kind of positive score towards ur rank. Unless TC expect the leader to play as if its tdm.

Last night i was leader in a match 2nd n 4th rnd, overall i was 25 kills for 6 deaths, never died as leader. The 2nd rnd gave +85 and the 4th was -5, overall i made about 650 pts
1 person on the other tm left but rejoined also.

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I’ll explain to you.

It goes by points per minute. As time goes on your score decreases if you do not acquire points. I learned this from experience as a seasoned pvp player.

That’s why I can’t play tdm like I want to anymore because it want everyone to play as it was KOH. So forget about rank. Gears 5 doesn’t understand this. & to be honest I don’t think non of TC play their own game. But it can be great if they put effort & played their own product.


Because the ranking system only recognizes 4 things win/loss, kills, deaths, and caps (for KOTH and escalation). Other parameters are in the plans to be added, but currently they have no impact on rank.

This a thousand times!
If you are a guardian player, do not pay attention to rank because it is stacked against you. And to any new guardian players reading this keep your head down as leader and quit rushing into battle!


I use to LOVE Guardian in Gears of War 2 and would play with a regular squad every night. As Leader, I never cared about my k/d or kill stealing, as long as we won the game.

It’s weird that you would lose points for playing conservatively as Leader when the whole point is to stay alive and let your squad go out and kill and/or defend you.

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Because the ranking system (especially in Guardian) is atrocious. The biggest factor I find for getting points is SPM, which doesn’t seem to change when you’re leader. I’ve survived entire ten minute rounds, got a handful of kills, but since the SPM was low I lost between 150 and 200 points. The worst are the games that go the full five rounds and you were leader multiple times… pretty much guaranteed to go down.

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Because Jinn-Bot itself is a punishment! :roll_eyes:

Today I played a few Guardians in Versus A.I. When I am the leader then I try hide from the enemy or running away from them until the death of the enemy Leader. In one case, I was the leader two of three times. And I was the MVP. So for doing nothing, I got lots of points. :slightly_smiling_face:

What u mean is ur in gm score was high as u were playing against bots, VS AI requires no skill . What we adults r talking about is ranked matches and the tier pts u get after each match is over🙄

No need to be a ball bag you know. I mean, adults ought to know better. :wink:

And yet here u r insulting ppl😥

Guardian rankings are meaningless.