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Punching bee nest/Hive ( " Cheaters" )



Dear Coalition .
It’s Long time when we were last time asking/demanding answer’s / change to relating Gears of war games , i think last time we demand KOTH back on the gow:UE playlist thanks to all support and understanding of Coalition we get it back .

But now New issue has rise and we really need/Deserve answer to this question :
What Coalition are doing to Computer cheaters ( aimbotters , rapid fire and one shot down users ) , yes i know couple of them has been banned but they just keep Popping back by creating New account and same cheating continues , in one era xbox 360 consoles were banned for same reasons ( modded 360 users ) , why cant just ban Cheating Computer players by computer serialnumber or something ?

Question was: what Coalition are gonna do ?

Btw… Dont just believe me , there are many videos on YouTube that shows the problem , little example : sashadowz and Ess players has proof this.
( and if there is not limit/ boundries for cheating, then this will explode big time .)

All best wishes : KFF TERROR

(HoesEatOreos) #2

computer serial number


they can ban by ip address but that will be changed by the isp after a while probably or a vpn would be a easy workaround

(Me0wMix CatFood) #3

I don’t see why a games license can’t be identified and and then blocked from multiplayer entry. When the game signs into “gears services” can’t they check the original account that purchased that copy and if cheaters have been ID’d using that license, ban that copy/license from competitive play?

Before anyone says anything about lawsuits, buying a license to play does not entitle you to behave however you want.

(HoesEatOreos) #4

they can try to do it how steam does it band the whole account but then those with money and make another and buy the game again but that should hold off the cheaters somewhat

(xxxinfuzionxxx) #5

People are really low to have to go to those extremes to be good…If thats the best you can do is either aimbot or lag/glitch shot then honestly you should just quit playing instead of messing the game up for others. I honestly feel bad for the pc community…Because of those people theyre ruining the gameplay for the gearheads due to longer wait times bc xbox doesnt want to turn on their ranked crossplay…But weve definantly got our problems here too…

(Potato Boy 025) #6

Fun Fact : Every PC player is a cheater.
Disagree and your a stoopid

(xxxinfuzionxxx) #7

I dont think that at all… But im glad you like keeping it one sided and focusing soley on pc…What about the xbox cheaters out there using modded controllers with aim assist or the forever lag switch thats been in xbox since 360 days…I play on xbox and also play at times with my nephew on pc…Id like to see the crossplay work as it was designed to work vs…Cheaters ruining it for everyone

(JollyBunny44821) #8

Unfortunately this is no longer strictly a PC issue. Cronusmax has seen to that with the plethora of mods giving unfair advantages to mediocre players. It’s beyond me how this product is legal and why anyone would want to use it is equally mind boggling. To earn achievements without the regular grind? To fool yourself that you are actually gaining wins, ranks and stats on merit? The biggest concern for me is that game developers like the coalition clearly are getting financial reward by collaborating with cronusmax to allow them to release packages specifically linked to their product. Effectively the coalition are enabling unbalanced gaming and making money as a result. That’s appalling.

(Omen LP) #9

You can use the Windows licence ID, that’s pretty unique. IP wont work for many reasons, don’t even go there …

(HoesEatOreos) #10

what if windows is pirated lol


Id number was just suggestion , the real point was to bring/raise this issue and thats done .
It’s Coalition’s headache to solve what they are gonna do with cheaters and how , but that Microsoft license number was actually good suggestion , and yes there unlegal Windows users but they still have to change whole Windows license number and thats not quick .


Does the reciprocal work? if you are stupid, do you not think all PC players are cheaters?


All PC players has advantage ,but no :slight_smile: not all PC players are not cheaters .

(TGLT Clutch) #14

please don’t get into this advantage debate… all pc players have a minimal advantage and that’s it. MK/B -better aim/crap movement. Fps-Gears doesn’t matter(try yourself) FOV-LMAO(your aim gets a bit worse and most good players look around when in cover so it doesn’t matter) . I think that’s all the points some xbox players bring up.

only main thing that really matters in my opinions is gears 4 input lag(Gears:ue didn’t have this weird frame buffering implementation on xbox one)

(Omen LP) #15

I donno… I’ve seen PC players with incredible movement…

It might be more difficult to master than with a controller, but it’s not true that PC movement is crap…

So you have better aiming, but requires more work to get great movement - that’s a more accurate statement, I feel…

But the random crashes and game freezes, THAT’s a real problem for PC players…

(TGLT Clutch) #16

didn’t say PC movement, I said mouse and keyboard bro. I have very good movement since I play 30 sensitivity from back when I played GoW 3, and I play PC w control as you probably already know. MK/B Players have it quite difficult to bounce consistently and move without getting hit or stuck in cover.

(Omen LP) #17


What’s the difference ,relevant to this conversation? To me we’re clearly talking about PC players using mouse and keyboard, so what exactly are you referring to :slight_smile: ?

As far as I know mouse and keyboard are not yet supported by the xbox, so when you say mouse and keyboard you must be talking about PC players… And you’re not talking about PC players using a controller because you mentioned better aim… so what’s your point here? :slight_smile:

(TGLT Clutch) #18

you said

You are saying that MK/B users can have great movement as xbox and I disagree, that’s pretty much it. no hate or trying to be mean :slight_smile:

I thought you forgot that good movement often means claw player on controller, even if PC player.

Besides the point, I just want anti cheat in Gears 5


Hopely we get Cheater free Gears 5 atleast ,
we deserve it !
And we demand same Ranked crossplay on/off Button on Gears 5 as it is on 4 .


(TGLT Clutch) #20

if there are no cheaters they could at least test a few weeks without it and see the results :thinking: pretty sure they can figure out an ideal solution for xbox and PC. Xbox version will support mouse and keyboard so the toggle seems quite useless. The only thing that worries me a little is if they will even bother to reduce the input lag so that the game doesn’t feel as heavy as it does in Gears 4 compared to Gears UE.