Punch in the nuts for people who wasted hours grinding the 1 million power medal

Ooof. Now I’m scared to grind medals in case they make it exponentially easier after I’m done with it.

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Yeah, can’t tell you the amount of solo waves I did as Kait to get this medal a few weeks ago. Jesus, what a slog that was.


Me too man me too…

Thanks TC for respecting the time players put in.

By so far, that medal was the most difficult .
(At least for me)
I’m not a horde player,i never was.
But I manage to play between bugs crashes and not kill/energy registration by playing solo.
First leveling my Kait from 0 to a decent amount of cards and then killing everything in my way for hours.

And now, I realize I should wait until the crying boys that want tour duty for easy friendly grind do their job.

They shouldn’t touch this feature, It was good as it was , it need to put some effort to get stuff… I won’t be surprise if in the near future they put rewards from tour duty to purchase.

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You can be bribed, no? Demand, emm, ask for “iron” as compensation from TC… They have unlimited supply of it after all.

99.99999% of people can be bought, even with fake currency.

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Ye… I was a little annoyed to say the least…

Taps and forge should have counted from day one but not the power other collect.

Guys, I’m real sorry but I’m remote and don’t have access to pages I normally do; what happened with the medal? Again, my apologies.

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how did they change the power retrieval ? Is it easier to collect power some how now?

Power Tap, Forge and shared pickup gains rather than just your own pickups


And I just finished yesterday. :frowning:

I’m still slogging away on this one, was mildly annoyed when they tweaked some of the other medals previously, so get the frustration. I understand the idea behind tweaking medals and such, but it does sting for everyone who earned it the hard way. The question is, how could they do this AND still keep restless natives happy? Toss everyone some free scrap or iron? Several days of free boost?

Does the situation make anyone else leery of pushing on some of the bigger grind heavy medals? Maybe if we were to wait long enough they’ll drop the bar low enough that it is cake walk? I like having goals to work towards, but I can see this situation being very deflating.

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I really don’t see the problem. People were complaining about the medal they made it easier. It was tough but it was do-able I unlocked it 2 weeks ago.

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People will always be frustrated when they have it harder than someone else. I finished it about a week ago and didn’t find it too hard, didn’t really grind at all since I play tons of horde anyway. Doesn’t make a difference to me either way except it’ll be faster to unlock future similar medals.

It would not really both me. Because it is just a game and if I enjoy it grinding is fine. If I do not enjoy it I would never grind.

TO EASY - Del on Asylum underneath the stairs solo it start on wave 41 set up 2 level 2 Torrents in the doorways level one torrents in the middle and sit back and collect all your power the torrents will keep the AI’s from running out with three guys left go collect your power every round

Or vagina, y’know, some people have those too : D

I think this shows perfectly why TC keep messing up. What a bunch of amateurs! Don’t punch your player base in the nuts (or vagina); use your knees! :grin:


Agreed tenfold!

I didn’t grind for the medal. I just had fun playing horde and it came naturally. Don’t care that it will be easier for other players now.


Ideally every medal should be fun for every player and very easy to get. And ideally they need make the TOD a very easy grind too for players that don’t have time or money.

Honestly what they should do right now is half the requirements for everything.

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