Public horde quotes

Scout – it’s not my job to shoot — this week s by far the number 1 quote
Sniper – I am just warming up (after being asked why are you not shooting anything wave 3 with 0 points)
Engineer-- I don’t buy weapons lockers
Soldier-- I only plant grenades
Heavy – I only use a man turret ( after not shooting the first 3 waves )
Anyone have some other good ones? Mind you these are from people in game chat or through a message.


Well, at least some people are communicating in public Horde. I thought mainly people without mics played public.

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Oh it’s still very rare but the best ones are I am cleaning my room and we had a guy folding laundry, my favorite is still the scouts that say it’s not my job to shoot



Nothing to add or just a loss for words?

If the “Gears” players do not use the functions of their “horde” classes for the team, launching a horde in public means taking the risk of being with people who leave, who do not have the level where sabotage the game.

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These are just quotes from people and I don’t want to debate play styles just any strange or odd quotes you have heard.

Fair enough, but how can we judge what is strange or odd without any context?
As others have mentioned mic use in public is pretty sparse, though I recently had a game where there was a major slanging match between a low-level soldier that was picking up power and our scout - I haven’t heard so much profanity since the Gears 1 days, and I’m fairly sure our sniper quit as a result! Can’t give any examples as there’ll be nothing left if I omit the bad words.

This post is just about quotes and doesn’t matter if you use public or lfg people are still gonna say and do stupid things.

People communicate in public horde?

Don’t worry, i understood…All quotes quoted have already been said in the 1st post … I have exactly had the same reflections lol

All Scouts - “Collecting power is boring. Why would I use pickup radius? I prefer shotgun damage.”

At least they communicated…

We had a mutual acquaintance (won’t say friend) join our lobby a few days ago who wanted to bring his friend in for an inconceivable speed run to level the guy up. This friend of his had no mic so he was going to talk to him on the phone and relay any messages from us to the new guy.

Get to wave 50, all the hammer of dawn strikes miss the boss and somehow everyone on the team slowly gets killed except for the guy with no mic (including me at the box trying to hit team revive but the solider runs up and uses the remaining power to hit one final missed hammer so we both die at the same time) . The sole survivor guy didn’t even know how to fire a dropshot and nearly kills himself immediately. He slowly walks around the map with a snatcher on his tail because he didn’t know how to use the A button to run. Needless to say we failed on ironman.

I would have preferred a soldier who says he only plants grenades join our game…


I told a nub sniper to pick up an EMBAR to be more useful and he told me to **** *** and to **** myself…

yeah sure me too i like damage boost, but penalty for team if you don’t collect and suicide too. Only negative point, its the strict combination necessary between job and survive for a good teamwork fault of extra slots for cards

You guys are missing the best quote, scout in response to a request to deposit. “I am holding on to power, so I get more when I deposit.” Or my personal favorite, “only women deposit power, you get more because it is risky to hold on to power.”


This is why I don’t play public horde…

Do you think TC can put a communication system in Gears 5 with D-pad when tac-com is on?! That would be a great idea!


Inconceiveable. 1 level 1 locker was built and asked for another only to be messaged “1 is enough” I don’t know about anyone else but a few lockers does make an impact considering the ammo boxes only contain 2 boom or dropshots ammo.

This one drove me through the roof.

Scout didn’t deposit after the 1st wave or 2nd and asked him/her to deposit and the response was “wait till later cause I have max deposit bonus so more power cause I am getting doubles”

Ill be honest there are so many that I just went from being shocked to expecting to this is just normal.