Public horde lobbies

So every public horde match I’ve played today was on bunker, the daily challenge, are all public horde matches locked to daily challange maps?

It might be a bug

The game seems to randomly put people in the daily challenge even when they search just for regular frenzy. Sometimes I have been placed in a regular frenzy on other maps when searching, but I often get put in the daily challenge map.


I got zero matches when searching for master lobbies last night european time. Don’t know if something was wrong or if there actually was no one in Europe playing master horde. I ended up not playing.

Hey mate,

From what I can tell its definitely a lobby search bug of some kind. I had hosted the daily yesterday and few that joined said "What the hell? I wasn’t even in this search.

So, I would suggest just leaving out of the Public search and just go to Customs. This will remove the problem and help you play what ever map you want to play.

Hope that helps?


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I could not find a single master match last night in customs