PSA: There are other Easter Egg "areas" like on district

So, I had the pleasure of playing with a very nice fellow who was running a report on escape. No names, for the studio- He dropped a couple answers to me while we played.

Namely, and importantly- that there are other Easter Egg “areas”, not just goofy cosmetic stuff, but areas to unlock on maps like there is on district.

So, shall we get to looking? Lets do it, community. Let’s find these things. I’m betting one is on vasgar.


I personally wanted the cinema doors to open on District


There are probably a load of them. Last time I remember the devs speaking openly about easter eggs was the hunt for the Reaper on Library.

I still think there is a large uncovered EE on Artillery from G3, Spent a lot of time looking without luck tho

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@UNLETHAL I seem to remember epic saying it was unfinished just like the slab one.

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Well let’s just say I ran across an employee playing escape, and he confirmed that there were other area easter eggs in the game waiting to be found, so I hope we can find em. I want to try them for horde :slight_smile:

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Hmm that would make sense. I hope that’s not the case with G5. Being so close haunts me to this day lol


Lift has the games you can activate. I wonder if there is more to that. I also no noticed the maps on exhibit show stairs that are unused in gameplay.

I hope more people start to hunt if new open areas exist and it’s not a wild goose chase.

Is there a list?

The only ones I know right now are Bunker and District.

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The brumak on exhibit HAS to move somehow, right?

What’s on bunker?


Cool, thanks. Hadn’t heard of that one yet :+1:

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Icebound map there is a bar, I reckon you can get in there somehow.

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That’s not what I’m referring to. That’s a cosmetic easter egg, the employee I spoke with specifically disclosed that there are other “area access” easter eggs like district, I asked him to make the distinction, and he did.

I am assuming they are mostly on Gears 5 originals maps.

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My friends were complaining about the train on asylum and I said “you need a ticket before you can ride the train”…what if there is a way to halt and board the train?

It was my dream for Tyro Station but it never happened :cry:

Ehm, I doubt it?

Its not like the arcade room on District brought a whole lot to the game other than more boring matches.
But what the h#ll, the hidden areas on the other maps might bring more to the game. I am guessing Exhibit has a secret area.

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Now that I have 20k in 2v2 gnashers, I will be trying to find these easter eggs, anyone want to help?

I’ve seen the train stop before. It blocked access to part of the map where the Boomshot/Dropshot spawns.

At the time I thought it was a bug. Maybe it still is a bug or maybe there’s something more to it? It happened on Escalation in the last round so the game had progressed a long time. I have no clue how it happened.

If you spectate another player it just renders different sections of the trains in a stationary state and changes the sections every second or so.

Maybe if enough people get hit by it it stops?