PSA Team Phantom skins today

Looks like they’re omnious on purpose to keep people watching.

^Scratch that. It’s 10 times worse:

Skins are based on watch-time now.


I was given in my weapon inventory so far the Phantom skins for the Boomshot, Dropshot, Embar, Hammerburst, Lancer GL, Retro Lancer and today received the Enforcer and Overkill. But I didn’t receive the Torque Bow which is the first one on the list and only needed 1000 points to get. Could you please check and see if it will be added to my inventory. My gamertag is Greyhound1957. Thanks in advance.

Iwatched all days mostly but especially last 2 days an never received my loadout set wtf how do i reclaim my skins if not issued